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Baylor lost the game, and their starting quarterback against Oklahoma

The Bears misery continued, losing their third straight game, 45-24 to OU. The Oklahoma Sooners put it on the Bears early with a 21-0 lead and did enough to easily defeat Baylor.

Midway through the 3rd quarter, the Bears difficult season took an even more difficult turn as Seth Russell severely dislocated his ankle thus ending his season early for the 2nd consecutive year.  It was an awful break for the Bears, seeing their leader and their starting quarterback laid on the field. It was a graphic injury, not one that you would want to rewatch.  Sounds like the last year for Baylor fans, one that will end with at least 6 wins, but will be remembered more similarly in terms of pain and anguish of a zero or one win campaign. 

The Zach Smith era has begun, as now the lone scholarship quarterback on the roster.  His first drive as the man for the Bears ended with him plunging the last yard for a touchdown, cutting the Oklahoma lead to 18 points. That lead was built by the Sooners taking advantage of the many Baylor mistakes, ranging from penalties to three Seth Russell turnovers (1 fumble and two interceptions). 

The three turnovers caused a swing of at least 14 points, with a Seth Russell interception on the goal line wiping away an early touchdown chance for Baylor, and another interception returned to the 1-yard line for Oklahoma. Struggling with accuracy once again, Russell was having a tough day that was made much worse by the injury. 

Baylor's offense once again got off to a sluggish start, failing to get any points on the board for their first three drives, as Oklahoma built a 21-0 lead.  Baylor would respond well in the second quarter, putting together a long drive inside the 5-yard line before penalties made the Bears settle for a field goal.  After the defense forced the Sooners second punt of the game, Baylor got into the endzone with a 24 yard touchdown pass from Russell to KD Cannon. 

The Bears had another chance to cut into the Oklahoma lead after Baker Mayfield threw an interception down the field to Orion Stewart, but a Seth Russell fumble as the Bears were driving would give OU the ball back and end the half.  

Baylor would get the ball back to begin the second half, but fail to take advantage of another opportunity and punt the ball.  With the score 21-10, the Sooners would put together an 85-yard touchdown drive before Russell's interception would give OU another touchdown just 50 seconds later.  That 1-minute of action would put the Bears in a massive hole, one they would not be able to dig out of. 

Baylor falls to 6-3 (3-3) on the year now, and have lost three straight games.  They return home to host Kansas State next Saturday.  

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