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5-Questions: Owls Daily

We sat down with Owls Daily publisher Shawn Pastor to learn more about the Bears new head football coach.

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1.  What kind of coach is Matt Rhule?

The thing that comes across most with Matt Rhule as a coach is that he is truly genuine.  So he gets great buy-in from his players, and it obviously makes a difference in recruiting.  With respect to coaching responsibilities, Rhule is a little bit old school in that he delegates a great deal of authority to his coordinators and staff.  He isn't married to a particular system, though it's fair to say he focuses a lot on physicality and line play on both sides of the ball.

2.  What kind of offensive system does he run?

Temple ran a multiple pro-set over the past two years, which leaned heavily on the running game, and typically utilized a fullback or two tight ends, or both.  But he strived for balance, too, and it was not uncommon to see four- and five-receiver sets mixed in.  Note, however, the last two seasons differed greatly from Rhule's first two years as head coach, when he tried to implement a no-huddle, spread offense.  It was not very successful, hence the move to huddling and slowing the tempo the last two years.  In his previous stint as Temple's offensive coordinator (under head coach Al Golden), the Owls played a similar style to 2015 and 2016.

3.  Best thing about Rhule during his 4 years as head coach.

Rhule was truly the perfect fit at Temple, having spent six years there as an assistant before jumping to the New York Giants for a year.  So he brought great continuity to the program.  On the field, he built a team that limited its mistakes and was typically better than its opponents when it came to the details of the game -- special teams play, turnovers, etc.  They were usually the better team up front, too.

4.  Thing that Rhule struggled with at Temple?

There were very few struggles over the past two years.  When something wasn't working, it usually got fixed.  One example would be the kicking game, which was awful his first season.  It was a strength the past three years.  He lost several games in the last two minutes in 2013.  The Owls won most of the close ones the last few years.  He never developed an offensive juggernaut, but that was part of the plan as he relied on his defense to win games.

5.  What should Baylor fans expect with Rhule?

Baylor fans will find Rhule to be a plain-spoken and very likable guy.  With all of the tempo-based spread offenses in the Big 12, I would expect him to go against the grain and try to win with the same defense-oriented focus and power-based offensive system that worked at Temple.  No less than two-thirds of the teams in the American are spreading the field and pushing the tempo and throwing the ball all over the yard.  And yet it was Temple that won its division the past two years.  Rhule will sell his system to recruits as being a direct pathway to the NFL.

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