Baylor is the rebel alliance this year to Kansas' Empire.

Bill Self and the Jayhawks are the Big 12 galaxy's empire, winning 12 straight conference championships. Campus Insiders' Ray Crawford wonders if Baylor's rebel alliance can win this season's battle?

For more than a decade, the Kansas Jayhawks have owned the Big 12 conference. There is no debate that in the Star Wars world, Kansas is the Empire.  Besting challenges from Texas, Missouri, and Oklahoma, Kansas and Bill Self have reined supreme. 

In 2016-17, there is a new challenger from Waco, TX.  The 4th ranked Baylor Bears are just 1-spot below Kansas in the national rankings, and have already secured marquee wins over Michigan State, Oregon, Louisville, and Xavier.  Are the Bears the best chance for a rebellion against the Empire of Kansas?

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