Baylor Signing Day Recap

The final look at the 2017 Recruiting class, with Matt Rhule's thoughts on each.

Enrolled at Baylor

"Charlie is tremendously accurate with the ball and is a winner. He is one of the most accurate QB prospects in the country. His great physical tools are matched by his unique competitiveness and ability to lead his team."

"Jalen is the anchor of this class - he stayed with the program through it all. He was very productive in high school, and is a fast, instinctive, high-character guy."

"Abram is a big, strong, fast runner - a home-run hitter. He has great growth potential to be an all-purpose downhill runner. He's punishing, bruising and has the ability to break long runs."

"R.J. is a downfield threat with good size and playmaking ability. He combines his length, size and speed with a unique catching ability and great ball skills."

Signed with Baylor

"Eleasah is a big, athletic, intelligent, offensive lineman with the versatility to play all five positions. In addition to his academic excellence, Eleasah is a natural fit into the Bear family as his grandmother worked at Baylor Medical Center for many years. He's a minister and deacon at his church, and enjoys preaching quite often."

"DeMarco is a relentless, high-effort, pass-rushing specialist with a tremendous motor. His athleticism and elite, tenacious first step make him a force at the rush position, but he is also versatile enough to drop into coverage."

"Terrel is a tough, instinctive linebacker with the intelligence to compete in the Bears system early. He is a two-way player who has displayed special skills as both a linebacker and running back. His natural ability to be versatile will benefit Baylor football."

"Timarcus is an elite athlete who has natural coverage ability. He tore his ACL entering his senior year, but when healthy, he is one of the most explosive prospects in the country."

"Trestan is a lifelong Baylor fan who is excited to carry on the WRU torch. He has the speed and athleticism to be an outside receiver with the toughness and intelligence to also play in the slot."

"Harrison is a tall, physical corner with elite natural speed. His technique and development are well beyond most athletes at his position. His ball-tracking skills make him a threat to turn any pass into an interception. He is a driven player who will also be a tremendous special teams contributor."

"Justin is a big, athletic player who will develop into a massive defensive lineman. He possesses the athletic traits that will allow him to grow into a ferocious pass rusher, and his arm length and size will allow him to be a force in stopping the run."

"Tyler is an extremely versatile player who did everything in his high school career. His background will allow him to develop into a tight end who can catch, run, block and line up in various positions all over the field."

"Gavin is a fast wide receiver that did it all during his high school career. He utilizes his speed well and has soft hands. His polished route-running skills, versatile running ability, mature mindset and aggressive mentality will allow him to contribute at an early stage of his career."

"Bryson's tremendous intelligence accompanies his athletic ability. He has shown great versatility to go along with impressive growth potential that we believe will develop him into a factor at multiple defensive positions."

"Khalil is a big, athletic prospect with lots of untapped potential. He was a two-way player in high school and is one of the largest athletes in our class. He's explosive, and with good development, he can be a stalwart on the line."

"Henry is a big, physically imposing figure who is also an elite academic prospect. He's one of two athletes from Carroll High School in our class, and looks to be a physical presence on the Baylor offensive line for years to come. His natural strength and balance not propelled him to become a top 10 wrestler in the state, but will allow him to be an athletic, dynamic pass protector and physical run blocker."

"Trevon was our first to commit to us as a coaching staff. He's physical and athletic and a big force in stopping the run game. His athleticism and elite speed allowed him to be one of the top defensive backs in the state. In addition to his on-field exploits and accolades, he’s also one of the best natural leaders I’ve been around."

"Ashton is a physical safety who will be developed into an outside linebacker prospect. His athleticism and explosiveness show on both the football field and basketball court. He's a hometown kid who is strong, physical and fast."

"Johnathan is an all-purpose running back who is big, physical and fast. His natural hands will allow him to catch balls out of the backfield, and show his breakaway speed. He has tremendous growth potential."

"James is an elite athlete for his size. He is a disruptive force in the run game and has the quick hips and feet to be an elite pass rusher."

"Rarely do you find a 6-5, 250-pound guy that throws 92 MPH and bats cleanup on the baseball field, but is also a versatile football player - Cole is that guy. His size and versatility, along with his big body and powerful hands, can be developed into a lineman that we can build our future around."

"Ryan is one of the strongest, toughest guys in our class. He converted from the defensive line to offensive line, and looks to be a center prospect with the strength and intelligence to play early on."

"Jason is an extremely athletic offensive lineman with unusually long arms that make him an elite pass protection guy. His intelligence and work ethic carry over into his desire to be one of the top academic prospects in college football this year."

"Xavier is a physical, tenacious and powerful offensive lineman. He's one of the most powerful players we've recruited on the offensive line. His tenacious, competitive nature helped him win a state championship. He is the definition of a finisher."

"Chidi is a defensive lineman with a high upside, with his size, length and athletic ability. His tools allow him to play with tremendous force in the run game. He has a unique ability to stay low, bend and be explosive."

"Rob is a nimble, big, hard-working athlete. He's voracious, driven and has a great work ethic to bring into our program."

"B.J. is freakishly athletic for his size. His length and explosive leaping ability make him a factor in the red zone. His relentless nature gives him the ability to be a great pass rusher."

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