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A Spring Look at the Baylor Bears 2017 Scholarship Situation

What does the Bears 2017 scholarship situation look like after signing day with a few weeks to go till Spring practice?

March 18th is the official beginning to the Matt Rhule era, at least on the field. After a furious sprint to finish the 2017 recruiting class, the Bears are likely to have a full 85-man scholarship roster for the 2017 season.  Let's dive into the scholarship chart for 2017, as it stands now. 

Currently, Baylor has 87 scholarship players, two above the maximum allowed 85.  With 20 of the Baylor signees scheduled to arrive over the Summer/Fall, there is plenty of time for this issue to correct, either through transfers or grade issues from incoming players. 

Still, with most "experts" saying it would take 2-3 recruiting cycles for Baylor to even come close to approaching a full 85-man roster, it is a miracle for Baylor to be back up that quickly. 

As of January 11th 2017

Scholarship Breakdown:
  • Offense - 28
  • Defense - 39
  • Special Teams - 2
  • Total - 69
  • Senior - 19
  • Junior - 18
  • Sophomore - 21
  • Redshirt Freshmen - 3
  • Freshmen - 8

As of February 13th 2017

Scholarship Breakdown:
  • Offense - 37
  • Defense - 47
  • Special Teams - 2
  • Total - 87
  • Senior - 18
  • Junior - 17
  • Sophomore -21
  • Redshirt Freshmen - 3
  • Freshmen - 27

2017 Baylor Football Scholarship Chart - Offense








QB 3 Charlie Brewer Zach Smith Anu Solomon
RB 4

Abram Smith

Jon Lovett

JaMycal Hasty Terence Williams

WR 7

RJ Sneed

Trestan Ebnar

Pooh Stricklin

Blake Lynch

Jared Atkinson

Denzel Mims

Quan Jones

IR 3

Gavin Holmes

Chris Platt

Tony Nicholson

TE 5

Tyler Henderson

BJ Thompson

Sam Tecklenburg

Josh Malin

Jordan Feuebacher
OT 8

Khalil Keith

Jason Moore

Riley Daniel

Patrick Lawrence

Dom Desouza

Mo Porter

Ishmael Wilson

Tyrae Simmons

OG 4

Harry Klinge III

Eleasah Anderson

Josh Pelzel

Tanner Thrift
C 3

Xavier Newman

Ryan Miller

Blake Blackmar
Kicker 1 Chris Callahan

2017 Baylor Football Scholarship Chart - Defense








DT 6

James Lynch

Will Jones

Bravvion Roy

Ira Lewis

Andrew Morris

Byron Bonds
DE 13

Demarco Artis

Justin Harris

Cole Maxwell

Chidi Ogbonnaya

Rob Saulin

Tyrone Hunt

Michael Johnson

Jamie Jacobs

Greg Roberts

Xavier Jones

James Lockhart (Transfer - RS)

KJ Smith

Brian Nance


Terrel Bernard

Bryson Jackson

Ashton Logan

Deonte Williams

Lenoy Jones Jr.

Clay Johnston

Jordan Williams

Taylor Young

Thomas Cletcher

Raaquan Davis
NB 2 Eric Ogor Travon Blanchard
CB 7

Harrison Hand

Timarcus Davis

Raleigh Texada

Jameson Houston

Grayland Arnold

Jordan Tolbert

Verkedric Vaughns

S 9

Jalen Pitre

Trevon Lewis

Chris Miller

Rajah Precadio

Henry Black

Jourdan Blake

Chance Waz

Taion Sells

Davion Hall

Punter 1 Drew Galitz

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