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Baylor still learning in Day 2 of Spring Camp

The Baylor Bears continued their 2017 spring camp, and the word on the fields was "learn".

The word repeated often during the media sessions on the second day of spring camp was "learn".  Quite simply, the Baylor Bears have a lot of it to do. Learning a new offensive system that is bringing in elements of multiple offenses, including Chip Kelley's very success attack, and a Top-10 defense being brought over from Temple, is going to take more time than what the Bears have just this spring.  However, this is the starting off point, where the coaches can begin building the foundations of their systems. 

Matt Rhule and his first year coaching staff are throwing as much as they can at their new team, having the players "adapt what they are asking them to do".  It is about finding which players can fill which roles in these new systems, and finding leaders to step up and take charge.  

There is going to be a lot more control at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball for the players, able to adjust and audible out of plays.  That will be a new thing for the offensive especially, given the ability to change protections and plays themselves. 


Baylor was also active on the recruiting trail, offering two more players.  They have continued to go after long edge players for their defense, stretching to California to offer Jack Lamb, a 4-star linebacker from Temecula, CA. At 6-foot-4, Lamb as the length that the Bears go after in their hybrid OLB/DE.  

The Bears also continued to extend 2019 offers, reaching out to Tyler Johnson from Oak Ridge High School in Conroe, TX which is north of Houston.  Johnson is 6-foot-5 and 275 pounds and also has offers from Oklahoma State and Nebraska. 

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