True Freshmen Show True Spirit

They stand above and in front of the row behind the Baylor bench - between the 35 and 40-yard lines. Fans sitting behind them appear to be players' parents and don't seem to mind the obstruction. From left to right Braelon Davis, Josh Bell, Nick Fellows, Kyle Seals, and Brandon Moton can be found standing on the top of the restraining wall using the rails for support as they cheer on their teammates throughout the game. One day they'll play, but for now they are learning to become fans. Wow!

They were first noticed at the SMU game the week before. For that game they even had their own numbers painted on their backs. For the game against Sam Houston State, all had their names across the backs of their shoulders. The one without the paint is Nick Fellows, but his name is tatooed across the back of his shoulders.

They stand through the entire game. Their faces are painted in various combinations of green, white, and yellow. They are also reported to figure out a way to have B-A-Y-L-O-R spelled out across the five chests.

The Baylor true freshmen are redshirting this year, and have figured out a way to become very involved and prominent fans before becoming players in a move of true team spirit that has never looked so good at a time when Baylor needs it the most. No one can predict if this sort of thing will one day lead to a championship, but if that's not the kind of things foundations for championships are built upon, I doubt anything is.

Fans who got an early look at the photo had some interesting comments:

"Great Picture! If the fans behind them do not like it, I guess they could just stand up too. I still remember sitting as a guest several years ago in the penthouse under the pressbox and getting yelled at because I was cheering for the Bears. Incredible. "

"These guys are directly in front of my seats in Sect-EE. Of course I am high enough where they don't block my view. They first did this at the SMU game and caught my attention. That week they had their numbers as well as their names. I would like to know whose idea it was. Anyway, it's a great idea! I've mentioned to others how much they resemble me. Wide at the shoulders and narrow at the hips. Yeah, right! Last week a caller on the Butch Henry radio show was asking who they were."

I sure hope the recruits that are visiting each week notice these guys and talk to them. Guys,thes players are the salesmen that sell the program from the ground up. Greatttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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