It is one thing to be snake-bitten during a football game, but when you find out you've been carrying the snake in your own back pocket, it can also be embarrassing. The entire game was permeated by mistakes, offensively and defensively. Some will say it was more of the same things Baylor football has experienced in the past, but those comments will have to be reserved for someone who was there and could see what was going on. At least for one week, it is back to the drawing board.

Mistakes, there were just too many mistakes. Last week, we saw slow-rolling snaps to the quarterback from the center. This week, the bad snaps were high, one resulting in a turnover. The others resulted in key losses at the time, putting an already struggling Baylor offense in a hole.

Meanwhile, Iowa State's Seneca Wallace was having a banner day completing pass after pass (22 of 24) for 299 yards and four touchdowns and making several big gains, running with the football.

The Bears defense seemed to be almost obliging as they missed several tackles and were not able to wrap up ball carries with the sure-handedness that had been characteristic of the previous two contests.

A couple of questions will be answered by this time next weekend. Was Baylor that bad, or is Iowa State a better team than many thought going into the season? Did Baylor simply suffer a bad game, or does it go deeper than that? The offense was inept, at best, and the defense much more vulnerable than it had shown previously.

Baylor will travel to Texas A&M, a team they haven't beaten since 1985, where a win would undo much of the damage to the psyche of its impatient fans exacerbated by this 41-0 loss to Iowa State.

Also, next week we will find out the answer to the second part of that first question as Iowa State will travel to Nebraska. Let's hope we can do one thing this season that seemed to elude us last year and that is to bounce back and regroup after such a loss. How we play next week against Texas A&M will provide an immediate response.

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