Baylor vs Texas A&M Action Photos

Well, not to be syrupy or anything, but here are some decent photos from Baylor's tight loss to the Aggies. It was a tight game and the Bears did show tangible improvement against a quality opponent on the road. And the bottom line is that the Bears almost pulled it out. Enjoy the photos.

Kyle Field is not the best for taking pictures. The distance to the field is much greater than at the Case or some other venues I have been to. So, while there are some nice photos in these two sets - there are also a few that are not as crisp as I would like. Both sets contain 24 photos.

Set #1

Set one features a few photos taken by WAC K O Bear from the second deck of the pressbox side. They are pictures 20, 23 and 24. My favorite photos of this group are #3 (Barnett pancaking a A&M linebacker), #9 (John Marting catch attempt, you can see the ball right in front of his face) and #17 (Joe Simmons hitting Derek Farmer for a loss). My least favorite would have to be #21 of Andino's 4th quarter field goal being blocked.

Set #2

Set two has soem great photos as well as some that will break your heart. (Oh, look out, the ants are coming after that sentence) Anyway, here are the really good ones in order:

Photo #2 - Golden stiff arms Sammy Davis down to the turf and high steps in
Photo #5 - AC Collier flies around the end and crushes Farris - the fumble set up Golden's TD
Photo #16 - The scoreboard just before half with Baylor up 10-3
Photo #17 - Adam Stiles career long 50 yard field goal
Photo #23 - Hail Mary 1 - Reggie Newhouse has it in his hands until Sammy Davis rips his arm - this one was blown up but you can see the ball
Photo #24 - Hail Mary 2 - Quiroga & Roberts go up but cannot come down with the ball

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