Baylor vs Texas A&M Video Clips

Well, pictures tell a thousand words, but videos show you how the game was played. I extracted seven clips from the game Saturday in Kyle Field. Both Hail Mary's are here as well as Jonathan Golden's first half touchdown!

Some of the clips are larger than others, but none are overly huge. If you have a slow connection, a few of these may take a few minutes to load. The longest are the two Hail Mary's and Golden's touchdown.

MOVIE #1 - Second play of the game - Cicero hands to Barnett on an inside handoff. In the hole stands LB Jared Morris. Wait til you see what Barnett does to the kid.

MOVIE #2 - First quarter - after a block in the back call puts the Aggies at their own 6 yard line, the first down call goes to Derek Farmer who is summarily stood up by Joe Simmons and then bull-dogged by John Garrett.

MOVIE #3 - Bobby Hart spins, jukes, side-steps and dives his way upfield on a punt return.

MOVIE #4 - Spotlight on DE AC Collier. From his left end position he runs around the tackle and crushes QB Mark Farris from behind. Farris fumbles and the Bears recover at the 1 yard line.

MOVIE #5 - Set up by our previous clip, on second down Jonathan Golden take the handoff and bounces outside. DB Sammy Davis meets him at the corner only to be stiff-armed down to the grass. Golden high-steps into the endzone and the Bears celebrate.

MOVIE #6 - Hail Mary 1 - Reggie Newhouse is the only receiver on the play. The clip gets shaky at the end - sorry. It's hard to see because of it, but the ball hits Newhouse in the hands but is ripped out by Sammy Davis.

MOVIE #7 - Hail Mary 2 - Robert Quiroga and Marques Roberts are the main players here. Davis and four other Aggies also go up for the ball. In the mass of players, Dawon Gentry ends up with the ball and the Aggies secure the game.

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