Bears lose to Sooners 33-17

The second half was to be the half where the Sooners, tired of toying with the upstart Baylor Bears would blow them away and wind up beating them by 30,40, or 50 points or more. It didn't happen. The Sooners had 310 yards of total offense at the end of the first half, however would be held to only 93 in the second. The Sooners had allowed only 7 sacks up to this point during the 2001 season - Baylor would get 8 in a single game.

The Bears came out in the second half and had evidently made some defensive adjustments. They "bent" less, and hardly "broke" at all giving up only 6 more points to the Sooners. In the meantime, the Baylor offense would add 10 offensive points to go along with the 7 provided by the kick-off team in the first half.

The touchdown scored by the Baylor offense would not be a "gimme" by any means, as the Bears drove down the field 72-yards before QB Greg Cicero found WR Reggie Newhouse in the back of the endzone for the score.

The Bears would kick off, only to have the Sooners' return man get stripped of the ball giving the Bears another shot. This time the Sooner defense stiffened, but not before the Bears had gotten close enough to put up a field goal to give them the last of their 17 points.

The Sooners scored their final points of the game in the fouth quarter, on a touchdown, but were denied the point after. The Bears would rush for 106 yards for the game, and throw for another 138 for a total of 244 yards of offense. Last year, those totals were 69 yards rushing and 25 yards passing for a total of 94 yards.

It was another loss by the Bears, another road loss, and yes, another Big 12 loss, but no one believes the Bears are even close to being the same team they were a year ago. If you have a hard time believing that, I know some people in Oklahoma that would vehemently disagree with you.

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