Baylor Offense vs the Texas Defense

When the Bears and Longhorns get together in Waco at Floyd Casey Stadium in front of a regional television audience, there will be some key matchups that will effect the outcome of the game. Follow along as we look closer at how the Baylor offense matches up with the Texas defense.

One key will be the offensive line of the Bears and how they match up with the defensive line of the Longhorns. The best matchup could very well be RT Greg Jerman and LDE Cory Redding. Greg is playing well this season and his match-up with Redding could be key in both the passing and rushing attacks. Redding is very quick and Greg will have to keep both his feet and hands busy to contain him. On occassion, WLB Derrick Johnson could line up outside Jerman's right shoulder and he would shift his attention from tackle to linebacker. Johnson is even quicker, so Jerman will have to really be on his toes.

On the other end, Baylor LT Jon Erickson and backup Quintin Outland will be matching up with So-1L Kalen Thornton. Thornton is strong and uses power more than just speed to do his job. He is backed up by Sr-2L Jermain Anderson, who is not quite as highly regarded as Thornton is.

RG Antoine Murphy will face Maurice Gordon, who as a fifth year senior with one letter, has chosen this year to come on. Antoine Murphy will be spelled by Derek Long and possibly we could see more of McDaniel, Sipes, or Schlueter at this position, if necessary.

On the left interior, it will be two sophomores: Baylor's Cedric Fields against Texas' Marcus Tubbs. This will be a pretty even battle and could be one of the better match-ups, also.

That leaves the middle, where "street-fighter" Joe Jackson, at center, will be matched up much of the time against MLB D.D. Lewis. Lewis probably has his name called out as much or even more than any other Texas linebacker for his play. He seems to be everywhere at times and Joe will have to keep an eye on him every play.

With Baylor in the spread offense and with receivers and running backs mixed up often, it would be almost impossible to detail the other matchups as closely as the front lines. Suffice to say that the Texas secondary played very well last week, holding Missouri to only 97 yards passing. If Baylor is going to even show up against this defense, they will have to execute at every opportunity and have some good things happen to them.

Texas is probably playing as well as anyone in the Big 12 right now. Baylor has been up and down in its performances, and has yet to put together a complete game like they would like. If Baylor should be able to string some of its best successes together from the games it played against Texas A&M, Nebraska, and Oklahoma, it could prove to be an interesting Saturday. The Bears can ill-afford to stub any toes coming out of the starting gate, but then, they already know that - especially against this team.

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