New Lady Bears Jacket Unveiled

Would it surprise you to know that at this time not a single endowed scholarship at Baylor University is designated to Women's Basketball? It's true now, but not for long if Baylor fundraiser Charlie Jones has anything to say about it.<br> "This idea first hit me when the Lady Bears were playing in the New Mexico Regional Tournament," said Charlie Jones. "Knowing that if we beat Florida the next stop, the first in our history, would be the Sweet 16."

Those thoughts kept circulating in Charlie's mind, and soon the words "living a legend, making history, and leaving a legacy" came to mind. Then it hit him: Kim Mulkey-Robertson, the Baylor Women's Basketball Coach is a legend in women's basketball. She is building on that legend by what she's accomplished each year at Baylor and at the same time in making Women's Basketball history: living a Legend, leaving a Legacy, making History.

"I knew right then something special needed to be done to commemorate this special moment in Baylor Women's Basketball history – going to the ‘Sweet 16' – and that the goal of that commemoration could be to raise money to endow a scholarship for women's basketball," said Mr. Jones.

Charlie Jones thought of some kind of special jacket. He searched all the other Big 12 websites and only found generic jackets with school logos, but everyone seemed to have shirts coming out their ears. However, no one seemed to have anything like a jacket relating to just women's sports, let alone women's basketball.

Time was no barrier. The first day after the tournament Charlie spoke with Jay Powers of Powers' Embroidery/Chenille, Inc., USA (largest Chenille dealer in the world) about the idea. Powers, who attended Baylor University, agreed to help and the two communicated with Trent Weaver, owner of T-Shirt Plus there in Waco, who decided to join the effort. All then agreed that all the proceeds should go to the endowed scholarship endowment fund in the name of Lady Bears Basketball. Jones said that without the generosity of Powers and Weaver the dream would have died.

Powers and Weaver appointed Jones as their companies' representative and coordinator of the sales project. Charlie is doing all this as a volunteer at no charge in order for more money to go to the endowment.

Almost immediately things have started happening. A Lady Bear supporter who bought two jackets right away, contacted Charlie Jones and is establishing the Kim Mulkey-Robertson Lady Bears Endowed Scholarship with an initial gift of $26,000. Now, all sales from the jackets will be added to this scholarship.

Keeping in mind that it takes about $300,000 to endow a scholarship at Baylor, it has also been agreed that anyone can make a gift to the scholarship, and no gift is too small, so every $5, $10, or $20 counts and is appreciated. However, you can also help and get a once in a life time historical jacket, too.

The price of the jacket is only $49.99, and that includes sales tax. Larger sizes are a bit more with 2XL still a modest $59.99 and 3XL and 4XL at $69.99. That still includes sales tax. Keep in mind that whichever jacket you get, or however many, it's all to support Lady Bears Basketball, and considering all that, this is a good deal.

Now, it would be cost prohibitive for the "producers" of the jacket to put "Sweet 16" on them due to NCAA licensing and such, but such rules only apply to retail. This means that once you buy a jacket you can take it to a business that does embroidery and have it added. You can even take it personally to Powers Embroidery and have it done for a nominal amount, but you must take it in, personally.

NEWSFLASH: Just Tuesday night, at the Lady Bears Banquet, Athletic Director Ian McCall made the official announcement about the new scholarship and the jackets. Initially, 120 jackets were sold. The hope now is that each year they can do a fund raiser to add to the fund. Maybe next year there could be a Final Four jacket? Right now, however, you have the opportunity to get a first – A Lady Bears Commemorative Jacket.

Also, this week's "Inside Baylor Sports" will feature both John and Lorie sporting the new Lady Bear Commemorative Jackets.

Now, since all this is being done on a volunteer basis, there is no "on-line" ordering available. However, the form will be put up so that you can print it out. Do so, sign it at the bottom, and enclose your check. There will be shipping charges to have the jacket shipped to you. For 1 – 4 jackets, the cost is $8.50, and then for every 1-4 jackets the cost is another $8.50. This means if you order one jacket the shipping is $8.50 – or, 2, 3, or 4. If you order 5, or 6, or up to 8 jackets, then the shipping charge will be $17.00, etc.

Mail check and signed order blank to "How Sweet It Is" % Charlie Jones; 208 Oak Creek Circle; McGregor, TX 76657. DO NOT mail the form to Lady Bears Basketball. All orders must be signed.

Questions may be emailed to Charlie Jones or phone 254-848-4941. When emailing, please place in subject slot of your email "How Sweet It Is" for priority reading.

Listed below are links to the Order Form and to see pictures of the different jackets available.



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