Missouri football recruit decides on a college

Jon Piorkowski from Emil E. Holt High School in Wentzville, Missouri has decided where he will walk-on this fall. Penn State couldn't guarantee him a scholarship, but wooed him on the idea one could open up and they could get him in. Kansas said they would put him on the 105 roster making him a "preferred walk-on." Baylor said they wouldn't know anything until June, but that he was welcomed to walk-on. So which one would he choose. Who would get this 6-3, 205, 4.46 DB? He decided on . . .


Yes, Baylor University will be home to Jon Piorkowski for the next four or five years. Jon will be a strong safety or outside linebacker in college and if he's still growing, look out.

Jon was 6-1 and only about 185 pounds during the fall when all the scholarship offers were bouncing around, but has added two inches and 20 pounds of muscle to reach 6-3 and 205. He still runs a sub 4.5 forty. If Jon grows any more or gets any faster more than one coach is going to be second guessing himself.

"Penn State was awesome and they have such a great program and tradition - besides that, they needed big safeties and liked me," explained Jon. "But neither Kansas or Penn State had what Baylor had - my heart. Maybe it was the the whole college experience I was looking for, or perhaps my mind thought Penn State whereas my heart already belonged to Baylor, and I went with my heart," said Piorkowski.

"Kansas and Penn State are special places, but Baylor is unique. There are things besides football that I just really liked about Baylor and that was the difference. I'll just go to Baylor with an open mind and win a spot - I can do that," said a confident Jon Piorkowski.

Jon's parents are very pround of him.

"Baylor is perfect for Jon and we are proud of him - proud that he chose Baylor for the right reasons and not just to be in a famous program," said Jodi Piorkowski, Jon's Mom.

Welcome to Baylor, Jon and good luck in attaining your goals.

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