Bears Pound Salukis 56-12

The last time it happened was 1985. More specifically, on November 9 and November 16 in a loss against Arkansas and a win against Rice. Do you know the answer? That was the last time Baylor had back-to-back games with 300 yards in passing. The precise numbers were 311 and 306, respectively. QB Aaron Karas was mostly responsible as most of the yardage belonged to him. Aaron Karas? Where's he been, why is he so successful, and just how is he different from others no as successful?

Aaron Karas, in an article from the Houston Chronicle was quoted as saying that the reason that he had not played before the last two games is that he had not been ready. He went on to say that he just had not reached the maturity level he needed to be in order to be successful, but he does bring some different elements to the playing field.

First of all, Aaron Karas is a fighter and a winner. When he steps on the field, he expects to win, and if you are going to go with him, you better expect to win also. He is a natural leader who leads by success and not by talk. This characteristic seems to have the receivers catching balls they sometimes drop, and making catches and plays that they just didn't seem to make before he got behind center.

Secondly, Aaron Karas does exactly what he is instructed to do. He doesn't try to improvise and doesn't try to improve on the game plan. He sticks to the plan and executes it, much the same as we have also seen from Josh Zachry. However, Aaron Karas seems to have one other ingredient that has so far escaped even Josh Zachry.

Aaron Karas is very lucky. During the game Saturday, he had two passes that were first deflected by defenders and then found themselves in the hands of Baylor receivers. When I saw the first one, I figured luck was all it was. When the second happened, I wasn't quite so sure. Ironically, towards the end of the game with Davon Vinson at the controls, he threw a similar pass that bounded through the hands of a defender, and then fell harmlessly to the grass just out of reach of the receiver. Luck was only smiling on one quarterback this day.

You've read all about the stats in the newspaper and on the official site's re-cap, but with all the success Aaron Karas seemed to have this day, it only seemed fitting and proper to discuss his play. Oh, and those back-to-back 300+ yard passing games? Don't look for it to be that long before they show up with regularity.

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