Scouting Report: Austin Michelsen

<b>Austin Michelsen</b>, a 6-2.5/6-3, 230-pound tight end out of Arlington Lamar has been under the radar out here in Texas because of all the superstar talent at his position in this year's TE crop.

However, we grabbed some film of him against The Woodlands and what we saw sure didn't disappoint us at all. Here is a scouting report on the Dallas tight end and some of the things that caught my eye...

Physically, Michelsen passes the eye test. He's a solid 6-3, 230 with room to put on another 20 pounds. His neck and shoulders are massive and it appears he's not finished growing/developing. He really impressed me and he looks like a real solid D-I prospect regarding his size.

Stacey Dean of the said, "He looks a lot bigger in person than he did on film."

Aside from the physical attributes, lets get down to the meat of it...Can he play?

Taking into consideration that Arlington Lamar is a smash mouth team you have to look at what Austin does the most and that is block.

First thing you notice is he has a good base. He's rarely off balance when he gets into a guy. Second, he knows how to rotate up the field as the play develops -- he's not looking around trying to be a spectator. Third, and what I think is the most important is his understanding of the scheme Lamar employs. The backs work well of his blocks. He knows how to get position on the defenders early -- getting his head on the correct side -- and moves his feet well to get the advantage.

I don't think I saw one DE or LB from The Woodlands manhandle him. In fact, I saw Michelsen toss a few Woodlands players around, and they had a stud DL last year, as well as putting a middle linebacker on skates for about 15 yards.

In pass-protection, I thought he did very well. Even when he had a guy lined up far outside of him Michelsen really got out well, putting himself in good position to pick up his assignment. Kid only gave up one sack last season.


Michelsen has excellent hands. Against The Woodlands, in the 5A quarterfinals, he had four balls thrown to him and caught all four. Two went for 1st downs. One, a 4th-and-7 conversion.

We only got the chance to watch him run 9 routes but he did a good job getting off the ball and getting separation. The thing I saw about Michelsen that impressed me was how comfortable he looked catching the ball. See it, snatch it, that's how you do it and Michelson does exactly that...

Dean said he has some of the best hands he's seen in a year plum full of standout tight ends prospects...

Lamar doesn't feature the passing game much. But when they needed a first down, and called Michelsen's number, kid came through showing a bit of clutch in his game.

Things to work on?

The Arlington prep needs to work on his speed. I say that not because he is slow, he can run 4.9/5.0 (or faster), but because I know he's a hard worker and could make some improvement in that area. He only ran a few different routes so he will have to get used to running more difficult routes when he moves to D-I.

I would love to see Lamar hit him on more seam routes or circle routes over the middle. Given his abilities, you might see them doing just that this season.

In closing, Austin should be a very good tight end on the next level. His name may not be garnering a lot of attention so far, but he's probably somebody's sleeper who just got real mad at us for noticing him several months ago and especially now for offering up a scouting report on the Texas Hot 100 prospect. Kid may very well be the best all-around TE in the DFW area this season.

Recruiting Status: Michelsen's early list of favorites include "North Carolina, Baylor, Tulsa, Texas A&M, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Arizona, Missouri," but Austin said he's open to anyone that is interested in him (read: scholarship offers).

[Big 12/Texas Recruiting Analyst Stacey Dean signed off on this scouting report.]

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