Henry Dugat says "YES" to Baylor

Henry had wanted to go to Texas all year long. Then, in the middle of the year, Baylor entered the picture and Coach Scott Drew and Jerome Tang let Henry know that they really wanted him to come play for Baylor. Dayton Bronco Basketball Coach Geoff McCracken only wanted what Henry Dugat wanted and pretty much stayed neutral while the decision process continued. Now Henry has committed to Baylor and Coach McCracken talks about it.

TheeBearsDen: Well, Coach, Henry finally made his decision and it's Baylor - your thoughts?

Coach McCracken: I'm really happy for Henry. I'm happy he made the decision now, and glad he didn't wait and let it drag out.

TheeBearsDen: You and I had talked earlier and you felt like his decision wouldn't be made until after school started.

Coach McCracken: Yeah, but I just think he had visited both campuses and pretty much knew what he wanted, and then he and his family sat down and made the decision.

TheeBearsDen: So, what about that decision?

Coach McCracken: I think it's a great decision, I think Baylor's a great school, and I know he'll do well there.

TheeBearsDen: Of course you've had coaches from both schools come to Dayton, so what's your take on Baylor's coaches?

Coach McCracken: I think that Coach Drew is running a great program there, is going to have great things to come, and I think it's exciting that Henry's going to be a part of it. I don't think you can find a finer person than Coach Drew to play for, or to send your son off, to go play for, for four years.

TheeBearsDen: Sounds like that was an important issue.

Coach McCracken: Looking at it (the decision) from that perspective, you have to look at who you're going to send your son off to be with for four years, and Coach Drew is one of the finest people I've met in this business.

TheeBearsDen: Henry has now made his decision, so what's next?

Coach McCracken: The last thing I told Henry when I talked to him today was that now he could forget about that other stuff and worry about the Broncos and getting them into a tournament this year, and not having to worry about getting the Bears into a tournament until later. That's also why I'm glad he's made the decision and gotten it out of the way before school started, because now he can concentrate on his academics and Dayton Bronco Basketball.

TheeBearsDen: One last thing - about those academics, those are pretty good aren't they?

Coach McCracken: Henry's academics are excellent and I don't ever look for that to change. He's a great student, a great person, he works hard in the classroom, and his teachers go on and on about what a good student he is. I'm sure that will continue, not only this year, but after he gets out.

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