Baylor 2-1 going into first conference game

It's been 7 years since Baylor has defeated the University of Texas. A lot of water has flowed through Waco down the Brazos River since then, but a 2-1 record with an impressive 37-14 win over North Texas leaving a good taste in their mouths, the Bears are hungry for more wins, and an upset win over Texas would suit that taste very well.

An upset is winning a game you shouldn't. By all rights, Baylor shouldn't have beaten Texas the last time they won in 1997. Ricky Williams had been running effectively on the Bears all day, and especially on their last possession. For some still unknown reasons, Texas Coach John Mackovic stopped running the ball on that last possession and threw three passes. Texas lined up to kick the winning field goal and missed, and the second-guessing among Horn Fans began.

Looking at the recruiting wars over the past several years, probably no one thinks Baylor has nearly the talent or the depth that Texas has, but when they upset them in years past, the same could have been said.

Don't be mistaken, Baylor will have to play its best football of the young season, and at the same time are going to have to get some breaks if they are to upset this year's version of the Big 12 Challenger to the Title. Everyone figures it's pretty much going to be decided by next week's game when Texas vs. Oklahoma, but then, maybe, just maybe the Horns will be thinking Sooners and the Bears can sneak up on them and come away with a win.

Probably not, but then, "probably not" was the case when they've upset them in the past.


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