Henry Dugat, III signs with Baylor

Henry Dugat, III made it official on Wednesday, November 10, 2004, when his signed his official letter of intent to play basketball for Scott Drew and the Baylor Bears. Henry picked the Bears over Texas, Texas A&M, and Oklahoma. In 2005-2006 those teams will get to see Henry from the other side of the court.

Henry committed to Baylor back on Monday night, August 9, 2004, among rumors he was probably going to commit to the Longhorns of the University of Texas.

"I had prayed and prayed about this all along," said Henry after his commitment in August. "Then I got my answer, Baylor is where God wants me to be."

Today, Henry carried though with his commitment to the Baylor Bears by signing his letter of intent to play for Scott Drew and the Bears.

"We're so glad to get Henry Dugat," said an enthused Scott Drew. "Henry is not only an excellent basketball player and student, but he's the kind of student we want to build our program with here at Baylor."

For now, however, and until graduation in May, Henry Dugat is a Dayton Bronco.

"Right now, I'm just going to concentrate on playing this season and getting better," said a happy Henry Dugat.

Henry signed his letter of intent sitting between his grandfather who's a minister of music, Henry Dugat, Sr., and his father, Henry Dugat, Jr. Coach Geoff McCracken then hand-delivered the letter to the Principal's office where it was faxed to the awaiting Baylor staff.

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