Don't be alarmed, and if you've never been what is known as a "Bears'Den Resident," then you won't even know what I am talking about. In any event, information that was once made available only through being a den resident will now be Premium Content on this site. This will also include Premium Message Board access. The Premium message board will also be a place for candid and open discussions without the frequency and hostilities sometimes found outside.

This procedure is not being done overnight. It will occur gradually over the next several weeks and will be totally functional and in place by that time. During this interum time, information will be made available both Inside the Den and in the Premium section. By the time August rolls around and two-a-days become the order of the day, the transformation should be complete.

Now, don't think that there is any advantage to waiting. If you are curious about what has been happening at spring practice and what will be happening through the annual Green and White game on April 6, at 1:00 p.m., then Premium is for you. Premium is available either monthly or annually. Premium Gold gives you access to all the recruiting information, etc. You'll not suffer for information, past, present, or future by subscribing now.

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