Under New Management

Theebearsden.com under new management.

Well, after having a little taste of the all new "Thee Bears Den," we hope you like what you see so far. The stories may not be chalk full of information right now, but we will get you what you need to know as soon as we know it. Our goal is to continuously provide you with items to read – after all – you are paying for it.

In addition, we hope to get these message boards heated up again. Not disparaging the former owner, but when we took over the site we were ready to begin anew and have begun to make some changes. If you were at all familiar with the site before, you can see many of those changes already – especially in the message boards.

Enough about that. So who the heck are we?

Steve Brischke & Chris Bullajian: Baylor alumni, Class of 2001, we are brothers-in-law (we married twins) who obviously have a passion for our alma mater. Since we've moved on and out for a while, we're not quite the young pups that we once were.

Somewhat of amateur athletes, Steve is known for his skills on the hardwood and Chris for his on the gridiron. Okay, perhaps athletes isn't the best word for us – but we both try to still get out there and mop it up every now and then. 50% of the time this mop up duty results in a sprained ankle for Steve and a sore shoulder for Chris – so please excuse us if we look strange the first time you meet us – we're just hurting.

So have we been members of other Baylor sites – who are we really? Perhaps. Well, yes. But that doesn't matter anymore. We were no one of consequence, but hopefully that will change.

As for our journalistic resume - we're sure you will discover we're not professional authors…yet. Our goal is not to give you fancy sentences with lots of prepositional phrases – but to give you the goods as straight as we can. "Thee Bears Den" aka "The Premium Board" aka "The New Mother of All Baylor-related Message Boards" is where you will find us most of the time from now on. So if you have any questions or a comment that's probably the best place to do it.

We have big dreams and big plans for the site – we hope you will join us.

Steve and Chris

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