G.J. Kinne: Talks With Thee Bears Den

There is no doubt G.J. Kinne will be one of the most highly touted quarterbacks to come out of Texas in a long time. We caught up with G.J. to find out his future plans. Read more in THEE BEARS DEN!

Despite throwing for 4,200 yards as a junior and amassing 8,600 yards through the air in his career, G.J. Kinne is just another teenager. Besides being named 1st team all-state in 2005, 3A Offensive Player of the Year in Texas, and being named "Mr. Texas Football", G.J. is just a regular high school quarterback. If you believe that, then you may be interested in some ocean-front property in Arizona.

G.J. Kinne is a special player, and TheeBearsDen.com was able to talk to him. Kinne discussed his junior season.

"It was a great season, with what happened with my Dad, it was a minor setback, but I wouldn't change it."

When asked how he was able to get ready to play every game despite what happened to his father, Gary Kinne, G.J. answered, "Determination. I have been taught, by my Dad and my Mom, that you can't let anyone bring you down."

Kinne spoke fondly of his junior season and recalled one play that really stood out in his mind.

"The game against Gilmer. The last offensive play. We were down 54-58, a minute left to go. My Dad called a play, and then we called a timeout. The call was a fade to Houston, our number one reciver. If nothing was there, I was going to make something happen. He got bumped a little, I scrambled around and found him in the back of the endzone. We won 61-58."

So what about being named "Mr. Football"?

"It's great, my Dad told me. You get 3A Player of the Year, and it's really awesome, but this award you are with guys that are in 5A. It's great."

Kinne is not shy when talking about his goals for next year.

"To pick a college that I feel comfortable with and spend the next 4 or 5 years at. And to break the all-time passing record in the state of Texas."

So what schools have offered G.J. Kinne?

"Alabama, Tennessee, Nebraska, Baylor, and I am trying to work an unofficial visit to OU."

When asked if he had a top 5, Kinne answered that he has a top 6 at this point. So who are they?

"Baylor, UT, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Alabama, and Miami. In no particular order."

If you have seen G.J. Kinne play, you know that he can do so many things on the field, but what does he think the best part of his game is?

"The ability to escape the pocket and still throw 70 yards downfield on the run."

So what is it that Kinne is looking for in a college or university?

"A great quarterback coach. Someone to teach me the game. Playing early, its nice, but I don't have to play early. Somewhere I can succeed and win a National Championship."

All eyes will be on G.J. Kinne as he soon will enter his senior year of high school and take the field to reach his goals. He may play Madden, and he may play NCAA Football on his game system, but G.J. Kinne is far from just a regular high school student. He's a star in the making.

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