Bears Fall to Huskers

The Baylor Bears started off their game tonight in Lincoln right where they had left off – raining three pointers and leading the game.

At one point in the first half, the Bears had an 11 point lead and looked as if they were going to be on a permanent roll. The Bears led 30-23 at the half, and warning signs should have been flashing. While having the lead was nice, only 4 players had scored including 26 of the 30 points coming from two players – Aaron Bruce with 17 and Henry Dugat with 9.

Unfortunately for the Bears, the hot shooting guards wouldn't score the rest of the game. Nebraska came out in the second half intent on taking the ball to the rim on offense and more intent on keeping Bruce and Dugat from scoring on defense. The result was utter domination in the 2nd half and eventual 15 point win.

The Bears seemed to revert back to the team of the first 5 games. On offense they lacked confidence. On defense, there was no spring in their step. It didn't help matters when Freshman forward Kevin Rogers went out for several minutes after banging his knee with another player. Also, an obviously hurting Aaron Bruce fouled out for the second straight game, and this time Mamadou Diene joined him.

Baylor did what they could, but the lack of any inside threat ultimately doomed them this night as they lost 60-45. The Bears will try to rebound Tuesday night back in Waco against the struggling Missouri Tigers.

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