Big 12 Men's Basketball Freshmen takes a look at the 5 freshman leaders in the major statistical categories in Big 12 Men's basketball.

Anyone that follows college basketball knows that a few good freshman can take you a long way. Who could ever forget Michigan's Fab Five or more recently Carmelo Anthony leading his Syracuse team to a National Championship. Watching the development of freshmen has long been intriguing, and with two perennial powers of the Big 12 in rebuilding years, Kansas and Oklahoma State, freshmen were sure to be a big part in the league this year.

The best freshman so far has undoubtedly been Brandon Rush from Kansas. He leads Big 12 freshmen in scoring, is 2nd in rebounds, 3rd in blocks, and #1 in 3-Point shooting percentage.

But in looking for the most represented team, the Baylor Bears seem to stand out. Baylor has 2 of the top 3 scorers, 2 of the top 3 rebounders, the #2 player in assists, and the leading shot blocker.

Although Baylor's freshmen were ranked high by coming in, no one knew what to expect as they were thrown directly into the Big 12 fire without any tune-up time. What makes their presence on these lists more impressive is that they didn't have any games against weaker non-conference opponents to pad their stats. Although Baylor's devastating 26 point win over Missouri might end up being the final hammer to drop in the era of Quinn Snyder, the league may want to figure out what Coach Snyder already has – these Bears are going to be pretty good in the near future.


Brandon Rush (KU) 14.8

Curtis Jerrells (BU) 11.7

Henry Dugat (BU) 10.1

Mario Chalmers (KU) 9.5

Dior Lowhorn (TTU) 8.2


Mamadou Diene (BU) 6.0

Brandon Rush (KU) 5.9

Kevin Rogers (BU) 4.3

Dior Lowhorn (TTU) 4.0

Taylor Griffin (OK) 3.5


Mario Chalmers (KU) 4.1

Curtis Jerrells (BU) 3.7

Byron Eaton (OSU) 3.5

AJ Abrams (UT) 2.8

Marcus Walker (NEB) 2.5


Mamadou Diene (BU) 2.0 (tied for #1 overall in conference)

Julian Wright (KU) 1.2

Brandon Rush (KU) 0.9

Dior Lowhorn (TTU) 0.8

Connor Atchley (UT) 0.7


Mario Chalmers (KU) 2.6

Byron Eaton (OSU) 1.9

Curtis Jerrells (BU) 1.2

AJ Abrams (UT) 0.9

Jamel White (NEB) 0.8

Field Goal Percentage

Dior Lowhorn (TTU) 56.5

Julian Wright (KU) 53.6

Brandon Rush (KU) 52.4

Byron Eaton (OSU) 47.9

Curtis Jerrells (BU) 44.2

3-Point Percentage

Brandon Rush (KU) 53.2

Henry Dugat (BU) 42.6

AJ Abrams (UT) 40.9

Josh Carter (A&M) 36.4

Marcus Walker (NEB) 35.9

Curtis Jerrells (BU) 35.0

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