Baylor Football: Green or Gold?

The main question on the minds of Baylor fans going into this Spring's football practices is what will be the color of the helmet the guys practice in? TheeBearsDen takes a look at the two-deep of helmet colors, and let's a surprise sleeper be known. We also take a look at other, less interesting issues surrounding the Baylor football team.

You want another take on what's going on at Spring football practices? You got it. Check in daily to the premium message board to see who's making a name for themselves and who's blowing their opportunity.

You'll find out if Shawn Bell is holding onto the starting QB job or if someone else is making a serious push. Remember – this will be the first time these guys suit up in front of a new offensive coordinator – so everyone should have a greater sense of purpose in running the drills.

So will our consistent and comprehensive basketball coverage drop off now that we will be covering spring practice too? Not at all. You will continue to get it all here.

So be sure to keep checking in to find out everything that's going on in the major sports at Baylor here at Thee Bears Den (soon to be changed).

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