Bears Practice Report: March 9

The Baylor Bears concluded a three day practice week and head into spring break with a taste of what is in store the rest of spring. Read more about Day 3's events inside.

The bears closed out the first week today outside of Floyd Casey Stadium. The practice had a lot more energy today as it was evident that the players knew they would be sustaining some more hitting and contact. To start the practice, the quarterbacks threw to all receivers running different routes at the same time. On the quarterback side, Szymanski had a much better day throwing timing routes as he was more accurate and looked more comfortable as the drill went on. Shawn Bell had a decent throwing day as well and had a great deep fade connecting with Ziegler.

The second drill on offense was a group drill with the team practicing some different plays. This included reverses, quick slants, as well as draws in different formations. The offensive players struggled with a lot of plays, which resulted in numerous reps trying to get the reverse handoff right. Offensive Coordinator Lee Hays seemed frustrated, but relayed to the offense that if they can get it right, the ball will move down the field. The offensive lineman experienced some contact against the defensive lineman with running backs trying to run through the holes. Jason Smith looked good driving two defensive ends back and creating big holes for Paul Mosley to run through. William Blaylock showed a good push off during scrimmaging by being able to create two huge gaps for Cordney Smith to run through.

Today pitted the first time both sides of the ball went against each other with 11 men on both sides of the ball. Even though the players weren't in full pads, that didn't mean that collisions didn't happen. Dwain Crawford laid a huge hit on Cordney Smith that got some "ooh's" from the crowd. Nick Moore also put a huge crunch on Queito Teasley that also drew a reaction from the crowd. The defense did a great job in the scrimmage not giving many big plays to the offense. The defensive lineman Quincy Jenkins and Lequantum Mcdonald were able to get good penetration and linebackers Paul Tolbert and Ben Hixson also made some great open field stops on different sweeps and reverses. However the player of the day for the defense would be Nick Moore. This guy was everywhere making hits and shaking off blocks and appears to be ready to have a big season at linebacker.

The quarterbacks both had their moments and also ones they would like to forget. Shawn Bell was money on every pass in the middle of the field, hitting tight ends all day. However he struggled making long passes and sideline passes as well. Syzmanski made some great passes that fit right between two defenders or a long fade to a wide out, but had troubles making easy short passes by putting to much on the ball. The play of the day for the offense would be Dominque Ziegler catching a pass through the middle of the field from Shawn Bell that ended up as a touchdown.

Notes Queito Teasley worked out today for the first time.
Mikail Baker appeared a little injured after leaping in the air for a long bomb from Szymanski. He appeared to be ok after he got up on his own power.

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