John Chiles Speaks With Thee Den

John Chiles could be spotted from the other side of Floyd Casey Stadium during the Scout Combine in Waco, Texas. He did not look like a junior in high school, but rather looked like a junior in college. TheeBearsDen caught up with Chiles at the combine to get the latest. Read what he had to say only in THEE DEN!

He stands just over 6 feet tall and weighed in at 193 pounds. His name is John Chiles and he drew the attention of everyone at the Scout combine held at Baylor University.

Blazing at a 4.39 in the 40, Chiles is not just fast, he has great arm strength. Watching no more than 2 yards away, Chiles showed good footwork, and good arm strength the whole day. Sometimes his passes would sail over receivers heads, but he was on the money for most of the day.

Chiles' thoughts on the combine:
"I mean, it's been going pretty well. I'm getting used to some of the drills and stuff. Overall, it's going pretty good."

Chiles reports offers from Baylor, Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Notre Dame, Florida, Georgia Tech, and Texas A&M.

"My top three would be Texas, Florida, and maybe Texas A&M."

So with all the offers coming in from around the country, Chiles described just what it is that he is looking for in a college.

"Probably location, not too far from my family, playing time, and academics."

So, experts and analysts can describe what they see in Chiles, but what is it that Chiles himself feels is his biggest strength on the football field?

"My biggest strength would be being able to elude defenders, being able to scramble in the backfield and still get the pass off."

Chiles showed that ability in quarterback drills, rolling both left and right, and maintaining his balance and footwork, hitting targets 10 yards down the field.

Chiles will be a great catch for whichever university he chooses.

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