Scouting Analyst Talks BU football

Jeremy Patterson stopped by Thee Bears Den to answer some questions that many Baylor football fans have coming into this season. See what he has to say on G.J.Kinne, Baylor football, and other current football recruits only in THEE BEARS DEN!!

QUESTION: G.J. Kinne is a big-time Texas prospect, what have you seen from G.J. Kinne that makes him such a hot commodity, and what do you feel Baylor's chances of landing a kid like this are?

ANSWER:I think Kinne is headed to Baylor. I think he'll look around certainly, but his dad being at Baylor is just too much to overcome for other schools. He's got a great arm and has good accuracy. He's been well coached and is great in the pocket, but unlike some other quarterbacks he is a threat once he begins to scramble as well. He's certainly a drop back guy and not a dual threat type, but he is athletic enough to pose a threat on the ground. The one knock on him that I have heard is his height. He is not the 6-foot-3 that is listed, but closer to 6-foot. Still though, he is one of the top five quarterbacks in the state and would be a huge pickup for the Bears.

QUESTION: Romie Blaylock (Cedar Hill, TX) was at the combine in Waco, Texas and looked really good during one-on-one drills. He is also a track guy. Can you shed some light on how he has compared to the other WR this year that you have seen at combines or in person.

ANSWER: This is a great year for receivers in the state of Texas. There are plenty of the good, big wide outs and the smaller slot guys. Blaylock obviously is a slot guy. He has great hands and good speed. He plays much faster than anything that would show up in a 40 time. He's also very elusive and hard to grab a hold of, which makes him a big play threat every time he touches the ball.

QUESTION: David Gettis was a big signee for Baylor last year, he didn't get past the clearinghouse, but re-signed with Baylor this year. Gettis played in the Army All-American game in San Antonio as well. Can you describe what he brings to the field?

ANSWER: Gettis is a bigger kid with super speed and one of the best prospects the Bears have signed in years. He has all the makings of a super star if he picks up the system well and could be a quick contributor. The one thing about him is that he has been considered more of a track guy than a football guy and sometimes they haven't panned out on the college level. However, from what I have seen of Gettis he isn't scared to take a hit and has good hands. I think he's a player that has NFL potential.

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