Spring Pratice #4 Recap

TheeBearsDen.com was there as the Bears held their fourth practice of the Spring. Read the rest of the article to see how the players are progressing.

Spring Practice- March 21

Today the bears took the field with energy and excitement ready to get back into things. This was the first practice after an 11 day break and the rust showed early in offensive drills. The first drills had the offense doing some plays and formations, which did not go the smoothest. Shawn Bell had a pretty positive day by hitting a lot of different receivers with some good timing routes and was careful with the ball going against the defense. Blake Szymanski struggled with holding onto the snaps from the center, by having a couple fumbles and also throwing a couple interceptions. Szymanski showed some good attributes by throwing two really good passes to Trent Shelton, when he fit the pass between two defensemen and allowed Shelton to score for six.

The offensive line didn't have the best practice day today. Jason Smith looked to be doing really well and definitely could be a force at his new position; however a lot of the offensive linemen have room for improvement. Their timing was off and the push off against the defensive line wasn't as strong as it needed to be. Although, Guy Morriss will be able to correct these mistakes and should have the offensive line adjusted and ready to go for the fall.

On the defensive side of the ball, Dwain Crawford had a really good day in the backfield. It first started with showing a little attitude. He was talking the defense up and then letting his play back it up. He was able to get two interceptions, one which would of resulted in six points for the offense. He displayed a great break on the ball and was quick to the point of attack. Nick Moore continues to excel in linebacker play and really could have a great year coming up. His aggressiveness allowed him to get in the backfield against the offense and he also was great in coverage in 10 to 15 yard short routes.

Although the defense mainly won the scrimmaging today, the wide receivers shined in the practice. Dominique Ziegler caught everything and was able to get by nearly everyone who tried to guard him. Trent Shelton possessed really quick feet and showed it when he caught two passes up the middle for touchdowns. Another big name today was Terrance Parks; he had a couple really nice grabs that were not the easiest catches to make for a tight end. He was able to use his body well and play off his strengths to get open frequently for the quarterbacks.

Good practice overall as the team seems to be buying into the new system and the coaches seem to be running a more discipline practice. One of the main positives to take from the practices so far is, that it is evident that the team is in better shape that season's past. They look energetic and really don't seem to get winded to easy this year.


-Carl Sims returned today but saw limited action on the field and during plays.

- Many high school coaches were in attendance.

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