Cedar Hill 4: A Look at 4 of Baylor's Targets

BearsIllustrated.com was able to catch up with Coach Joe McGuire, Cedar Hill High School's Head Football Coach, to get the latest on 4 of his players that currently hold offers from Baylor. This is a two part series. PART I

It is no secret that Cedar Hill is loaded with football talent. So it is no surprise that the Baylor coaching staff is recruiting a number of players from the school. BearsIllustrated.com caught up with Coach Joe McGuire, Head Football Coach at Cedar Hill High School, to get his take on four of his players and how Baylor is faring among the many schools that have offered his future senior class stars.

Romie Blaylock has recently been ranked in the Texas Top 100 at Wide Receiver, and participated in the Scout.com combine held in Waco, Texas.

Coach McGuire on Romie Blaylock
"Romie's plan is to try out for the 2008 Olympics. He ran a 21.5 or 21.7 200. He finished second to (Anthony) Blue, who's a real sleeper."

"I kind of call Romie the 'mouthpiece' of our team. He is a ball of energy, always on his toes, bouncing around, our team feeds off his energy. He has been like that since I've known him. That's been since 7th grade."

"Romie's a leader, he is not a kid that goes along with the crowd, he's not a kid that's afraid to tell his teammates 'That's not right'."

"He's explosive. He's one of those kids from point A to B, can really just get off the football. He continues to improve his route running, he plays inside slot for us, and he catches the ball well. He will run the ball some out of some of our formations."

"He'd be a heck of a cornerback for somebody because he is so explosive. He's got that catch up speed."

"He'd be crazy to be a track guy and not go someplace like Baylor. You know, he was out there stretching the other day, and I told him (Romie Blaylock), 'You're a quarter guy and you're not going to wear the green and gold?', and he said, 'Coach, I love Baylor.'"

Coach McGuire on William Cole
"Will is right at 6 foot. I have coached some good football players, and I have coached some good players that play other sports. Will is probably the most explosive kid, all-around athlete that I have ever coached. They did a measurement in basketball and he was 14 inches above the rim. He's got great vision, really good hands, he's fast. Romie is a little faster, but one day Will will beat Romie, and vice-versa."

"Will is a kind of a free spirit. He's one of the kids that loves playing. He's real playful, you know. Not in a bad way, he's just real loose, he just a lot of fun to be around."

"Will has been offered by Baylor, OSU, LSU, Texas A&M, Nebraska, and Kansas. Any list that he is not on the top in the nation...Will played so many positions for us last year. His stats aren't just great, but if you watch him play, I think he's just about as good as anybody."

"People talk about stats, well he had 600 yards, but it was in 54 carries. You know, he had 72 points scored in district, in 7 games. He is a punt returner, he is a kick-returner. This year he will probably have a lot of carries."

"Will is a Division 1 basketball player also. So, the guys that make his list are going to be the guys that give him the chance to do both. He wants to play both basketball and football. That's going to be big in weighing in on who he chooses. He is a point guard and a shooting guard."

Part 2 will include photos and Coach McGuire's take on Cedar Hill's John Jones and Chris Francis.

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