Cedar Hill 4: Part II

In Part I of the series, Coach McGuire discussed two of the fastest players on his Cedar Hill High School football team. In Part II, Coach McGuire talks about 2 exceptional athletes, one of which is a Baylor legacy. Find out what Coach McGuire has to say only at BearsIllustrated.com.

John Jones stands 6-5 and recently weighed in at 305 pounds at the Scout.com combine on the campus of Baylor University. Don't think for a moment that his towering build makes him slow on his feet. John Jones just may possess the best footwork of any offensive lineman in the area.

Coach McGuire's take on John Jones:

"You look at him, and he's still got that baby face. John has been the best linemen that we have had at Cedar Hill. This is the first year he didn't play basketball, and it was kind of to work on his strength to get ready to play college football."

"John is soft spoken, but he's got a mean streak. I mean, we run a reverse were he starts inside zone and comes back around for any trash, and we were playing Ennis and he just took one kid's helmet off, you know."

"He's a great guy, smiles all the time. We have a leadership committee, he and Romie (Blaylock) are both on it. He's a great team player, and a kid that doesn't say a lot, but what he does say you listen to because he really cares about what is going on."

"Football-wise, John has good feet, long arms, has a huge upside because he is already dominating people, and the more he is in the weight room, the better he is going to get."

"John is real close to his family and Baylor being close, I think, gives his parents a good chance to see him."

Coach McGuire's take on Baylor legacy Chris Francis

"Chris, this weekend, is competing in the state power lifting meet. Off the field, Chris is an A-B student, he is a strong leader, although he is a quiet kid. He and John (Jones) are a lot alike. He is an extremely hard worker, so he is one of those guys that you love because people are going to follow him because he's doing things right and working his tail off. He is an extremely hard worker in the weightroom."

"He squated at the regional meet, he squated 565, benched 330, and dead lifted 580. He is one of those workhorses that you just love."

"He is probably one of the best tacklers that I've been around. I call him "Velcro". When gets his hands on you, he has an extremely strong grip, he has long arms, and he throws his body around like crazy. When he grabs a hold of you, you're going down."

"He is a fast kid, a 4.6 40 guy, and will really blossom at middle linebacker. I think on the next level he is a linebacker."

"Chris is, gosh, Chris is a Greek God. He is 210 pounds, you can see every muscle in his body. He's like an Under Armour commercial. He's a kid that can carry between 225 and 235, play inside or outside."

"He likes Baylor. I tell you he likes Baylor, and his dad would really like to see him go to Baylor."

Coach McGuire explains that the kids he has in his football program are "really fun to be around. I look forward to coming to work everyday. They are really great kids."

These Cedar Hill High School football players are exceptional athletes and students. There is no doubt that BearsIllustrated.com will keep up with the Cedar Hill 4 as they move on to their senior season and play every Friday night.

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