Spring Practice Recap: 3/29

BearsIllustrated.com was there as Baylor practiced for the eighth time this spring. Come inside to find out everything that happened.

The bears got back to work this afternoon in hopes of finding some big plays from different performers. While some players made some great plays today, it was evident that there was some work to do. In the first position drills today, both quarterbacks showed some good traits. Shawn Bell hit almost every receiver and displayed good accuracy all day. Szymanski put together a nice afternoon by hitting different receivers in stride down the field. Both quarterbacks had good rhythm and timing much to the liking of Coach Phillips.

In line drills, the defensive line made some great moves to get by the offensive line in one on one drills. Lequantum Mcdonald showed a vicious swim move to get by Ricky Hassoon and Julian Hill had a powerful bull rush will knocked over Nick Pace. On the offensive side, Jason Smith had a good day keeping the pass rush away from the quarterback and tackle Matt Lott displayed good power against the defensive ends.

During team play today the offense saw improvement over yesterdays results and were able to move the ball frequently. However credit the defense for making big stops when they needed it. On the offensive side, look no further for big plays than Brandon Whittaker. This guy is lightning in a bottle; his footwork and shift of speed is extremely quick and gives the defense fits every practice. Paul Mosley also had some big plays, including taking one draw handoff for twenty yards down to the two yd. line. In the receiver area Mikaii Baker had a standout day making a thirty yd catch over the middle of the field for a touchdown and also taking a screen for twenty yards to get with in the five. Both quarterbacks had some faults and made some plays, but overall it was an improvement over previous practices.

The defense might have not been as dominant as yesterday, but that didn't mean that anyone made any big plays. C.J. Wilson was able to get a deflection from a Bell pass and Antonio Jones also made a great diving deflection as well. Dwain Crawford loves to lay the wood on the offense and usually delivers daily; today was no exception. Whittaker took a draw play up the middle of the field and then was flattened by a huge hit by Crawford. This was such a loud hit that the coaches told Crawford to lighten up, words that don't describe his play.

Coach Morriss has been stressing to the team to string together some good practices to ensure some momentum in closing out the spring. Today was a slight step in that direction. While there were some things to be frustrated over, overall today had a positive vibe when the team walked off the field. They seemed satisfied in delivering a good practice… hopefully they will stay hungry and get after it on Friday.

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