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He has a big name, he's a big hitter, and he is big on Baylor. See what this Baylor legacy has to say about the Bears and other things only at

Chris Francis has been described by his coach to be a "Greek God" and an "Under Armour Commercial". He plays both outside linebacker and middle linebacker for his Cedar Hill High School squad. Meet Chris Francis.

"My strength on the field is being around the football and making plays for my team."

"I see myself as an outside linebacker because of my speed. Because of my size, I don't have the size play middle linebacker."

Chris Francis stands 6-1 and carries his weight well at 210, but it his tackling ability that has opened the eyes of almost everyone.

"Well, I've had to work on my tackling, that came with practice, and stuff. But, whenever i get my hands on someone, they are going down."

Francis has enjoyed the recruiting process so far, and had this to say about the schools that have contacted him.

"The schools that have contacted me are OSU, Baylor, LSU, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Oregon, Kansas State, and SMU. Baylor is the only one to offer a scholarship so far."

"The recruiting process is going pretty good, I got a lot of letters coming in. But Baylor, Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech would be my leaders at this point."

Francis is a Baylor legacy with both his father and uncle achieving great honors at Baylor University. Both Ron Francis and James Francis went on to play in the NFL.

"Baylor stands out in my mind because of their history. Of course my dad, and my brother, and my uncle went there. That makes Baylor stand out a little bit. It's also kind of close to home."

When it comes to making a decision, Francis knows exactly what he is looking for in a college.

"Seeing how they play, chemistry, and how they treat their players. Of course, is it a team with talent, or maybe they can get talent over the years, the way they can coach you."

When asked to compare his style of play on the football field to an NFL player, Francis was quick to respond.

"I'd say Sean Taylor from the Washington Redskins. I think that because he has that great size, and with his speed, at the safety position, I kind of compare myself to him. The way he reacts on the field, he is really aggressive and everything, and I am kind of like that."

Chris Francis is not only a good football player on the field, but more importantly is a good student in the classroom. Francis understands the importance of academics.

"Grades are the most important thing. If you don't pass, you don't play. Grades are first."

"I haven't taken any visits yet, but I plan to over the summer. I'll be visiting Baylor, OSU, and some of the ones that I had listed earlier."

So, is Chris Francis going to make an early committment, or wait until after his senior season?

"It really depends, you know who comes in at spring practice. But I will probably wait until after my senior season." will surely be keeping an eye on the Cedar Hill standout and Baylor Legacy as he begins to play under the Friday night lights.

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