Cover Corner Talks Baylor

This standout cornerback attended Baylor's Junior day last weekend. See how it went, who has offered, and who his leaders are. Read more inside.

You can hear it in his voice. Andre Richardson, a standout coverage corner for Arlington Bowie High School, is disappointed that his forty time from the combine was a 4.78. He doesn't believe that the time is indicative of how he performs on the field. Neither do most schools around the country.

Standing 5-10, and weighing in most recently at 180, Andre Richardson was able to attend Junior Day at Baylor University.

"I was pretty impressed with the campus and everything. The coaches were all cool. I mean, the coaching staff there was basically, what I think any student athlete would be looking for when going through college. I liked the coaching staff."

Richardson was in attendance at the Green and Gold game. So what did he think?

"I was at the Spring Game. I was mainly paying attention to the secondary, because that's what I play. The size of the corners, I mean there were some big corners. I felt at times, like, 'Man, I could of made a better play than that', but I thought they were pretty good corners and safeties."

When asked about his biggest strength on the football field, Richardson was quick to reply.

"My coverage. Well, my coverage, and recognition and field awareness. Knowing what a team is going to run by the linemen on the field. I'm a coverage corner, but at any given time I can blitz."

Richardson explains that he feels the recruitment process has been going well.

"I've met a lot of college coaches. Got a junkload of mail, it's not even funny. Everything has been going pretty smooth. I have been narrowing my list so when official visits get here I kind of have my mind made up where I want to go."

"The only offer I got right now is Baylor. I want to go to Tennessee's camp, I'm definitely going to go to Baylor's camp, I might go to A&M's camp, I want to say I'm going to go to Georgia Tech, but that's kind of far so we will have to see how that one comes along. I'm also going to go to TCU's camp."

"My top list of where I want to go, number one is probably Virginia Tech because I don't think there is any other college better in the country for secondary. My number two would be Texas, and my number three would be a tie between Miami and Tennessee."

"Right now I am getting the most attention from Baylor and Tennessee. I would say my commitment is all dependent on the summer. If my summer goes good, and some more offers turn up, I will weigh my options then. If not, then I will probably go ahead and commit."

"With Baylor, we got two athletes from our school that are already down there. We also got two of my classmates who already have scholarships so, we talk that over, and I'm waiting on them."

Before the interview ended, Andre Richardson added the following:

"Keep your eyes open. Keep your eyes open. I think we are going to make some good things happen this year." will continue to follow Andre Richardson through the football season.

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