Real Deal: Day Two Rundown, Lacedarius Dunn National Recruiting Director Dave Telep took in Day Two of the Real Deal On The Hill, see what he had to say about Baylor commitment Lacedarius Dunn and other Baylor recruits.

2006 Checklist

Gertavian Blake, C, Jax Lee Bulls – It's absolutely amazing how often bigs fit into the same mold – reserved, not confident, often times uncomfortable with their own size … and then BAM! Blake has filled out his 6-foot-10 frame and now he's getting hoops inside and blocking shots. There is still a lot of work to be done but don't be surprised when takes a prep season and finds himself much higher than ever could have been predicted.

Jeremy Jacob, SF, Louisiana Future – Like Blake he's prep school bound for a post-grad season. His 2nd game of the day was a tale of two halves. He came out smoking from mid-range in the first stanza and then fired up blanks in the second. After getting 25 and 26 in the first two games there was a buzz. In this observer's opinion where there's smoke there's fire. He's strong, can wear it out from mid-range has a Tasmin Mitchell body type. You're going to hear more from him for sure.

2007 Checklist

Michael Beasley, PF, D.C. Assault – This is the best player at the event that we've seen thus far. Twice in one day we heard the Derrick Coleman reference. In the game we caught he had 25 and 10 and left little doubt in our minds that the second best prospect in this class is. When he's playing like he was on Saturday there is a considerable "wow" factor to his game.

Lacedarius Dunn, SG, La. Dream Team – 28 points and he barely broke a sweat after halftime. That's right, the future Bear dumped 24 in the first half, including 5 3s. What is he? A big lead guard that can score. He's got a strong body, is comfortable with the ball in his hands and he's got a knack for getting buckets. Mark him down, he's a legit high-major.

Ed Nixon, SG, Jax Lee Bulls – So far, in terms of guys who deserve some pub, he rates pretty high. The young man's offensive game is diverse – 3s, pull-ups, drives, turnarounds on the block – and he's not one to force. He put 20 on Louisiana Future and high-major coaches scrambling to learn more about him. This program has produced Leemire Goldwire and Derwin Kitchen in past seasons so cranking out guards is nothing new to this crew. We only saw him once so we're tempered with our praise but he's got a chance.

Anthony Randolph, PF, Dallas Mustangs – When an entire Elite 8 staff watches you chances are you're pretty talented. This guy has a pro style offensive game. He's a legit 6-foot-9 (maybe taller), can handle and has a big ceiling. He's quite a prospect and with a college-style weight program you'd have to think he's got a bright future.

Kavon Lacey, PG, NW Storm – There simply aren't enough guys around with poise and presence at the point spot. This young man, who is also a strong football candidate, has a little Dominic James to him. Tough, will knock down shots and value the basketball while creating for himself and others. After a loss to D.C. Assault, Nolan Smith had high praise for him. Not too shabby for a guy we'd never heard of prior to the event.

Josh Southern vs. J.J. Hickson – It seems like 10 years ago when a pair of high-major guys were paired up they were more apt to go after each other than they are today. In the Mustangs vs. Renegades contest the two rarely matched up and both had solid games but in different ways. Southern, who isn't the athlete Hickson is, scored 6 points (3-for-11) to go with a manly 14 rebounds. Hickson had 18 and 8 and got himself to the line 14 times (making 8 shots).

Chris Allen, SG, WW Renegades – Over the course of the game he made some 3s that gave his team a boost. He probably scored in the low 20s and used his athleticism to create the perimeter looks he got.

2008 Checklist

Terrance Henry (left), PF, La. Dream Team – What if we told you he was 6-foot-8, runs like a deer and has that Perry Stevenson body and game?

You'd probably like him, right? Well, he scored 11 in a morning game and we pretty much enjoyed every moment of it. What is it about Louisiana? It seems like the state is manufacturing kids like him. He's one of those potential triple-double guys ala Stevenson.

Drew Gordon, PF, Oakland Soldiers – The big fella held a block party and invited Dream Team Louisiana but in the end, the Southerners didn't comply too well. However, Gordon did what he could as he hit for 10 points, 8 rebounds and 6 blocks. Who knows what might have been if he could have gotten a few more touches early? He's married to the jump hook and he's efficient with it. Good player, excellent prospect and he's a legit shot blocking force. Unfortunately this soldier was the lone ranger in his morning game.

2009 Checklist

Renardo Sidney, SF, MBA Magic – We watched him in the morning and he looked a little winded. He's filling out his frame and probably beginning to get his legs back after not playing this season. Early on his jumper wasn't clicking but he found a way to get 20. Reports are he was even better later in the day. He's regarded as the top prospect in 2009 and its tough leading wire-to-wire but he's got the package to get it done.

News and Notes

O.J. Mayo didn't make it to the Real Deal. Word is a some sort of stress fracture might have kept him home. The D-I crew lost Saturday night and we heard Bill Walker did not play so it was an early exit for one of the power teams. … He's not here but we heard that LSU paid Darrell Arthur a visit late this week.

Cameron Tatum is no longer a member of the Charlotte 49ers recruiting class. Delonte Hill's appointment to K-State sealed the deal for Tatum. The talented wing is trying to get a qualifying score and if he does look out for Tennessee. Bruce Pearl was in the gym watching Tatum. "It would probably be Tennessee unless somebody else comes in big during the tournament," Tatum told

Memphis held staff meetings throughout the first part of the day at Anthony Randolph's games. John Calipari and his two assistants were camped out every time he played. … DeAndre Liggins had assistants from Illinois and Virginia in the stands. … Speaking of Illinois, guard Eric Gordon played the morning game and then departed for the prom.

Mark Gottfried was up early to lay a set of eyes on forward Malcolm Kirkland. … It's a little early to be watching 2008's but it was interesting that just Kansas State and Alabama dropped by to see Renardo Sidney's first game. … Scanning J.J. Hickson's final game of the night revealed head coaches from Georgetown, Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama in the building.

Drew Gordon drew assistants from California and Kansas in the morning.

School Lists

Senior center Josh Southern has quite a long list of suitors: Tennessee, Michigan State, Wake Forest, Kentucky, Boston College, Michigan, Pittsburgh, Wisconsin and UCLA.

Senior Ed Nixon has Old Dominion, South Florida, Virginia Tech, UAB and Georgia trailing him. Georgia head coach Dennis Felton was in the attendance the game we caught. … Brokeith Pane is being evaluated by Tennessee, Illinois, Texas Tech, Arizona State, Baylor and UNLV.

2008 Texas Ian Markhoff said he's hearing from Texas, Baylor and Georgetown. He's a near 7-footer. … Sophomore Terrance Henry said he's been contacted by LSU, Texas and Virginia Tech. More are coming! … Drew Gordon rattled off an early listing of Florida, North Carolina, Duke, Washington, Cal and UCLA.

Kavon Lacey, who could emerge as a mid-to-high-major sleeper at the point, said Indiana State, Illinois State, Northern Iowa, UMass, Southern, Eastern and Western Illinois know about him.

Scout's Seat

Anthony McClain continues to win over admirers who are impressed by his shot blocking skills and the ability to score the ball in the post.

Louisiana Future guard Mike Williams hit the shot of the day with his buzzer beating 3-pointer to send a game into overtime. He's a great teammate, capable defender and he'll make some 3s. UNVL and Penn State are interested.

Sophomore Romero Osby does a good job of driving his man and attacking off the dribble. He flirted with 20 in the opening game. He plays like UW's Jamaal Williams. … Devin White of La. Dream Team took a hard fall and left to get evaluated. The 2006 power forward has Northwestern State chasing him for his athleticism and activity. … Brad Redford, the 2008 point guard for the Michigan Mustangs, loves to play ball. He's a gamer who has enough quickness to go with a confident 3-point stroke. Size could eventually lock him into a level but he's a good player who is fun to watch and knows his way around the court.

Louisiana Future forward Malcolm White is one athletic cat. He leaves you with the impression that he's been shot out of a cannon and is a superior athlete. If he can make some perimeter shots he can go places. … Bryan Bouchie is getting hit by the high and mid-major programs. If he goes high it'll be because he's got legit 3-point range on his jumper. He hit 3 3s Saturday afternoon.

"Dunk on No. 44 and while you're at it, get 45 too!"

An animated Michael Beasley firing up Anthony McClain


Teams We Watched – Michigan Mustangs, WW Renegades, D.C. Assault, Midwest Storm, Hoop Zone, Dallas Mustangs Blue, Jacksonville Lee Bulls, Louisiana Future, Louisiana Dream Team, MBA Magic, I Can All-Stars, Oakland Soldiers, Blessed IJN, Fox Valley Skillz, Indy Elite.

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