Baylor Signee Ernest Smith Talks Baylor

When he gave his pledge to Baylor, Baylor fans knew he would be a big-time player. Ever since he signed his letter of intent, the 6-4 wide receiver has Baylor fans excited about what he will bring to the field. See what Ernest Smith says about Baylor, playing time, and a lot more inside.

6-4/205/4.41. Mr. Smith, welcome to Baylor.

The thought of Ernest Smith flying down the field is something that has Baylor coaches and fans excited. It is obvious he has all the physical tools to be a key part of the newly installed offense, and his confidence may just allow him him to be a star. Here is what Ernest Smith had to say:

Q: When do you plan to enroll?
A: I am going in June for the second summer session, and I guess start in the fall. I am going to learn the plays and learn the offense.

Q:Have you been to any of Baylor's Spring practices?
A: No, I am back in New Orleans, I don't live in Texas anymore. So I haven't been to any practices in Waco.

Q:Have the coaches given you a workout regimen to follow?
A:Yeah, they sent me a book in the mail. Right now I am about 205, and they say they are going to add about 15 more pounds on me.

Q:Have you visited the school since you signed your letter of intent?
A: Yes, sir. I went on January 21st.

Q:What was it that really stood out about Baylor?
A:The school, the facilities, and they have a good engineering department.

Q:Have you developed any relationships with any of the other incoming signees?
A:Yes, sir. The quarterback, Tyler Beatty.

Q:Do you know who your roommate is going to be once you get to Baylor?
A:No, they haven't let me know about that yet.

Q:You mentioned engineering, is that what you want to major in?
A: Yes, electrical/computer.

Q:Do you have a nickname that you go by?
A:Well, I have a couple of nicknames. My family calls me "Tiger". My team, they call me "Moss". Like Randy Moss.

Q:If you had to compare yourself to an NFL player, who would you compare yourself to?
A:Chad Johnson.

Q:Are you expecting to compete right away or redshirt?
A:No, redshirting is not even in the picture. I'm coming in and trying to compete as best as I can. Put the number one cornerback at Baylor in front of me, that's how I am.

Q:What's the one thing you are looking forward to the most when you get to Baylor?

As the interview came to an end, Ernest Smith wanted to add a couple of things.

"Look out for me, I am going to be a good person for the program. I am going to try and be an impact player, and help turn the program around."

Ernest Smith will definitely be one to watch as Baylor begins its fall practices.

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