Future Baylor Signal Caller Q&A

The future of Baylor Bear football looks bright. See what one future Baylor quarterback has to say only inside BearsIllustrated.com.

Pflugerville High School Quarterback Tyler Beatty will be headed to Waco on July 1st. BearsIllustrated.com caught up with Beatty to ask him some questions before he hits the practice field for the first time.

Beatty explains that he has a packet of 3 8-week sessions detailing a workout regimen designed for him specifically. As far as coming in at a specific playing weight, Beatty explains that the coaches did not tell him an exact weight they wanted him at.

"Whenever I talked to the strength coach there, he said 'You know, right now you got good weight and everything, keep doing what you are doing, and we will work on you when you get here'."

The offense has Beatty excited and one coach in particular seems to have really made an impact on him.

"Coach Phillips has really kind of taken me under his wing, so that's good. I really talk to him a lot."

Beatty has been present at some Baylor practices and also found time to make it to Waco for the Spring game. Beatty tells us his thoughts:

"I think they looked better than what I had heard before. I just know it is going to take time. Of course, it is a whole new system, and it is going to take time before everyone gets it down."

As far as the offensive playbook, Beatty hasn't asked for one yet, but admits that "there are a lot of things I am trying to soak into my brain right now."

The Spring game gave Beatty more than just a chance to see his future team on the field, it gave him a chance to develop a positive relationship with one of his fellow signees.

"Me and Greg Carlson are actaully going to be rooming together in the dorm. He's a linebacker from Houston. We actually hung out with each other on our official visit, and our parents actually like each other a lot. We were kind of all together while we were there, he is a good guy, and it was a lot of fun."

Beatty seems to have a good grasp of the upcoming year both academically and on the football field.

"Right now, the first year I will probably go Business (as a major), and narrow that down to either Finance or Accounting."

"With talking to the coaches and everything, right now, as it looks, most likely I will redshirt my freshman year. That will give me time to learn the whole system. I will be able to take one year off, and get it all soaked in. Then, the following season, be competing for the starting job."

Tyler Beatty emphatically denies having any nicknames, and pondered which NFL player he is most like.

"Let me think here, let's go with Troy Aikman."

Beatty continues,"I really look forward to being there. Baylor is a great place to be."

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