Darrell Arthur Commits to Kansas

Darrell Arthur ended all the speculation today when he declared which college he would go to. Kansas was the choice made by forward Darrell Arthur.

The bizarre recruitment of South Oak Cliff forward Darrell Arthur ended with a perfectly bizarre finish.

After delaying a press conference to announce the school of his choice from Monday to Tuesday, Arthur then had a last minute switch of location as well, moving the announcement from a local YMCA to his grandmother's house.

With Baylor forward Kevin Rogers hanging out in the background, waiting for Arthur and his family to emerge from the house with an announcement, it seemed like the No. 9 rated senior would soon join his ex-high school teammate at Baylor.

Which is why no one expected him to say what he said next.

"It was a long decision and I talked it up with my family asking them where I should go," he said. "They said, ‘Its your decision. We don't have to go to the school. Its going to be the next four years of your life.' So I'm going to be going to Kansas."

With some reports pinning him down to choosing between Baylor and LSU, Arthur's choice is an even bigger sting for Baylor fans who will now have to face the 6'8" forward at least once a season.

But an even bigger heartbreak for Baylor fans came in what Arthur had to say after the Kansas announcement.

When asked who he would have chosen had the press conference been on Monday, Arthur responded, "It probably would have been Baylor."

Arthur said a dream he had on Monday night about Kansas was enough to sway him to the Jayhawks. He said he prayed about it before he went to sleep and when he woke up Tuesday morning, Kansas was in and Baylor was out.

"It was Kansas," Arthur said. "I prayed really hard last night. I saw a vision in my dream and stuff like that. I was dreaming about Kansas all night. [This morning] I told my mom, ‘I had a dream about Kansas, that's probably where I'm going to go.' I told my coach and he was surprised by it."

Arthur did complement the Baylor coaching staff, who had been recruiting the McDonald's All-American for two years now.

"Baylor is an up and coming good program. They have some good players coming in like Demond Carter. They have some solid players already there. I just like their coaching staff, they have a family environment. I'm sorry I couldn't go there."

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