Q&A: Baylor Signee Jeremy Sanders

When Jeremy Sanders signed with Baylor, the Bears got an incredible athlete out of Marlin, Texas. The former Marlin signal caller took some time to discuss his plans next year. Read more inside.

Jeremy Sanders did it all this past year for Marlin. Running and throwing in the spread offense allowed his to accumulate numerous awards and honors. Originally a Missouri commit, once Baylor came calling, he knew Baylor was where he needed to be. Here is what Jeremy Sanders, otherwise known as "J-Mo" had to say during our interview:

Q: When do you plan on enrolling at Baylor?
A: Probably next month some time.

Q: Is the summer workout harder or easier than expected?
A: It's what I thought it would be.

Q:Do you know what playing weight the coaching staff wants you to come in at?
A: They didn't gine me a weight, but I am going to try and come in at 205.

Q: Is quarterback the position you will be playing, or is there another position such as wide receiver that you might be playing?
A: Yeah, it will be quarterback. It will be quarterback.

Q:Which coach recruited you out of Marlin?
A:Coach McGriff.

Q:What was it about Coach McGriff that you liked?
A:He was just real. He told me what really was going to be happening. How we would be playing and all that stuff.

Q:Have you developed a relationship with any of the other incoming signees?
A:No. I haven't met none of them. Well, actually, I have met one. The linebacker from Lancaster. (Chris Mitchell)

Q:Have you slected a major, or know what you want to study?
A: No, sir. Not yet.

Q:You have compared yourself to Vince Young in the past...
A:I think I will be better than Vince Young.

Q:Vince Young went 3rd overall in the NFL draft, do you think he was the best quarterback available in the draft?
A:I think he was the best type of quarterback for his style of play.

Q:Besides Vince Young, if you had to compare yourself to a quarterback in the NFL, would you compare yourself to?
A:I would say someone like Michael Vick but with a better arm though.

Q:How do you feel about the offense and some of the guys on the offensive side of the ball coming in with you this year?
A:Yeah, the offense is just like the one we run. I like the shotgun and seeing the whole field, instead of the drop back. I think I can read defenses better in the shotgun.

Q:Are you planning on redshirting?
A:Well, when I first get there, I plan on starting. If not, at least compete for the starting job. I will make a big difference

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