Q&A: Baylor Signee Randy King

When the Baylor coaches headed to south Texas, they were looking for that one diamond in the rough. They found what they were looking for in Alice, Texas. His name is Randy King, and he is a future Baylor Bear. King sat down for a one-on-one interview with BearsIllustrated.com. See what he had to say only inside!!

Standing 6-4, 245, Randy King played both tight end and defensive end for the Alice Coyotes. Now that his senior year of high school is almost over, he will shortly be making the trip to Waco, Texas to begin his college football career at Baylor University. Here are the highlights of his interview:

On what the Baylor coaches want:

"Coach Wnek told me to come in over 250, in the range of 250 to 255, and we will work from there. At the end of it all they want me at 280 or 290."

"Right now I am coming in at tight end or defensive end. I like defense. I have good hands, and I can catch the ball real well, but I just love putting a good hit on someone. That's what the game is about."

On which coaches from Baylor recruited King:

"My recruiting coach was Coach Jackson. Of course I have talked to Coach Wnek, and Coach McGriff was there as well."

On why King chose Baylor:

"Where do I start? What I saw when I went over there was awesome team unity. Everyone was getting along just fine. The players were laughing and getting along real well. They displayed great team unity."

"The stadium is beautiful, and the campus is beautiful. It is very prestigious. They are also an up and coming football team, and it's the Big 12."

On what he wants to study at Baylor:

"I am going both ways. I was thinking mechanical engineering, but then I was thinking why work very hard and very diligently on a project, when I can have people work for me. So, I am either going to go business or mechanical engineering."

On whether he plans to redshirt:

"Coach told me that they want to redshirt me. This is because of the fact that I am not heavy enough yet. Right now they got 6 senior defensive ends. I am sure I will have to prove myself, so I can have the opportunity my redshirt freshman year."

Final thoughts?:

"I am going to bust my you know what. I have a really good, hard work ethic, and I do whatever my coach tells me to do. I want to help my brothers out on the football field."

Speaking to Randy King, there was no doubt that the coaches got a player who they feel they can mold into a defensive lineman with time. Although our conversation was short, Randy King demonstrated class and pride in the way he answered questions. Not only is the football team better for having Randy King aboard, Baylor University is as well.

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