Cedar Hill Recruits: One Commit, More to Come

Coach Joey McGuire, Cedar Hill's Head Football Coach, knows he has a talented group of student-athletes on his team. Many of those talented athletes are interested in Baylor. Find out what Coach McGuire says about Baylor's targets, which one gave his pledge to the Bears and more only inside BearsIllustrated.com

Coach Joey McGuire, Cedar Hill's Head Football Coach, is a guy who loves talking football. What he loves more is seeing his students succeed on the football field and in life. BearsIllustrated.com was able to catch up to Coach McGuire and find out more about the recruits on his football team that Baylor University wants in their program.

"We finished Spring [football] last Friday. We came out healthy, and that's the number one thing. It went well. We have some guys that have gotten better since last year."

"John Jones is one of them. He had an incredible Spring, and I'm really excited for him. He's gotten a lot stronger in the weight room, and you can tell."

"We talk to all of our seniors, and we brought in John [Jones] and a defensive tackle who is really good, Wayne Thompson. I kind of talked with them together. Wayne went against John all spring long."

"I said, 'John, you have improved so much.' That's the first thing Wayne said. Wayne said, 'You're not lying, Coach.'"

"Will Cole scored the first touchdown of the spring game on 36 yard corner route. Will played runningback, and he also played receiver. I think he had 2 or 3 catches, and he had like 2 or 3 runs. He looked real good. He's just Will Cole, he's good."

"Romie [Blaylock] had a big catch to get the red team in position to score. He had like a 42 yard catch on a corner route also. He probably would have scored but he ended up real close to out of bounds. The only score the red team had was on a short run."

"I tell you Romie came over and played some cornerback during the spring game and he had a couple of good break-ups. It depends what formation we start a game in, but there is a good chance that Romie will play a lot more defense than we originally thought."

"What we did with our spring game is that we had kind of an NFL draft. Will, of course, was the number one draft pick for the black team. I expected the red team to take Francis with their first pick. That's what I would have done because if you have Will on one side, the other side better have someone who can tackle him."

"Chris ended up with probably 12 tackles on the night, and that was with only taking like 30 snaps. He was all over the field, and he had a really good spring game."

"Anthony Blue, they tried to throw on him a couple of times. Right before the half, there was one final play from about the 25 [yardline]. They threw the ball into the endzone, and Anthony ended up breaking it up."

"Coach McGriff and Coach Morriss came to one of our practices during the spring and got to see our guys. There are a number of them that have expressed that Baylor is high on their lists."

So who is it that gave his pledge to play ball at Baylor? It's Romie Blaylock, a 5-10-175 speedster that plays wide receiver and cornerback.

BearsIllustrated.com will continue to cover and keep you informed of the Cedar Hill football team and its recruits as they begin their quest for a state title.

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