Where Does Baylor Stand With Star D-Lineman?

He is one of the best defensive ends in the state, and he took the time to talk about what motivates him, his future plans, and his recruitment. Come see what he says about Baylor and more only inside BearsIllustrated.com

He says people call him "Beast". I don't doubt that they do. Defensive End Brandon Joiner put on a show at the Scout Combine at Baylor University. Standing 6-2/215 Joiner showcased his talents and the result has manifested itself in the form of scholarship offers. We caught up with Joiner to get the latest.

"At the combine, hands down, Tray Allen (Texas commit) was, indeed, the best offensive tackle I went against. I think I did pretty good going one on one."

So with so much going for Joiner, what does he feel his biggest strength on the football field is?

"My combination of strength and speed. I am a pass rusher."

"I definitely want to put some more weight on. I want to learn some more techniques, pass rushing, and getting off the line, and stuff like that."

Joiner currently holds scholarship offers from 13 schools. So who are his leaders?

"My top 3 schools that have offered me are Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, and University of Kansas. Baylor is in my top 5."

So what is it that Joiner is looking for in a school?

"I am looking for how well they do in their conference, and their recruiting class and stuff."

When he is not on the football field, Joiner runs track, and stays in shape for football season.

So, what goes through the mind of Brandon Joiner before the ball is snapped?

"Before every play, I think in my head exactly what I am going to do. Either a run or a pass, I have a plan for each one. My hand's down on the ground, and I tell myself, 'There's no way I am going to let him block me or take away what I have been working so hard for'. I tell myself every down that I'm going to get off this line, and I'm going to explode. I think that every single play of the game. I think, 'I'm better than him, and if I'm not better than him, I'm going to be better than him before the end of this game'."

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