Top Dallas RB Talks Baylor

He is a football star, a track star, a neighborhood star, and there is little doubt that he will be a college star if he continues his athletic success. Come see what this speedy Dallas running back had to say about his recruitment, and what he had to say about Baylor.

When asked to name the schools who have offered him a scholarship to play football, Shawnbrey McNeal jokingly lets out a big sigh. The number of scholarship offers is big, including offers from Florda, Nebraska, Baylor, Kansas, TCU, Oklahoma State and many more.

McNeal, a tailback out of Dallas Madison High School, rushed for over 1500 yards last year and hit paydirt 22 times on his way to gaining numerous honors for his play on the football field. He has competed and succeeded against the best in track meets all year long. His 4.4 forty time is inaccurate. He's faster. He has gained the attention from college coaches from every corner of the country and everywhere in between. He is a bigtime high school football player.

Although McNeal does not have a list of favorite schools right now, he expects to have one in the very near future. He does know what he is looking for in a school on the next level.

"I want to go to a program that I fit into well. The environment is important, the academics are important, and getting a degree is the most important. I want to study business management or finance."

McNeal talks about his football ability.

"My biggest strengths are my speed and my vision. I have good power, and I have a good knowledge of the game. Running the ball comes natural. I like watching film, too. That is big, big, big. Watching film is a big part of the process."

McNeal hardly takes a breath, his excitement about talking football continues:

"I can read defenses. I am like a quarterback, but I play runningback. I know exactly what I am going to do. I watch linemen, I watch linebackers, I make pre-snap reads. If I look over and they are in a cover two, I will have the middle all day. I go to the hole, if I get pulled down from behind then it's either because I stayed in the hole too long or a lineman missed a block. I will say 'My bad', or 'Let's go, lets get it this time.'"

Talking with McNeal, it's not hard to realize that he has an absolute love for the game. He compares his style of play to Ladainian Tomlinson.

"L.T. ain't a real big guy. He has good speed, and has great vision and knowledge of the game."

So with the offers rolling in, where does Baylor stand?

"I like Baylor. If I go to Baylor, it's not far from home. I like Baylor a lot. My cousin goes to Baylor, Kevin Rogers."

"I talk to Kevin all the time. We are good friends. He was a neighborhood star, and I am a neighborhood star. He wants me to go to a place where I am going to be comfortable."

"I went to the Baylor versus Oklahoma State basketball game. Kevin finally got an ally-oop, and I was like 'Man, it's about time'. He got me out of my seat."

McNeal knows about Baylor's offense; it's similar to what he plays in at James Madison in Dallas.

"I like the spread. Basically, I think I fit in well."

McNeal had a very successful season last year, and he has no intention of staying complacent. He puts his team first, expressing that winning state is his main goal.

"I want to lead my team to a state title. The playoffs don't mean anything anymore. I want to get to the big game. If we get to the big game, I think we can win."

As for personal goals, McNeal already has them mapped out.

"I want 2000 plus yards. Last year, I rushed for 1500 yards. It's old. I want 2000 plus. 2500 yards would be better. I want at least 30 touchdowns."

Shawnbrey McNeal is definitely one to keep an eye on this summer and this upcoming football season. As always, will keep you informed on all the latest news.

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