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Baylor has been hot on the recruiting trail and the success is evident by the number of talented commits they have received. One 4-star defensive end is one of the the best in the Lone Star State. Ranked #24 in the nation by, Von Miller took time out to talk with Come see what he has to say about Baylor and his future plans on visiting the university only inside.

The Baylor coaching staff currently has received 18 commits, and they are looking for more. In De Soto, Texas, a 6-3 215 defensive end is lighting up the football field and has already drawn the attention of the most elite programs in the nation. That defensive end is Von Miller, a 4-star recruit currently ranked the 24th best prospect in the nation at his position. had time to talk with Miller about his recruitment, Baylor, and what his future plans are.

Most high school football players are preparing fo the upcoming season, as high school practices across the state of Texas will soon be kicking off. Miller talks about what he is doing this offseason.

"I am trying to just get stronger. I am working on my speed and my quickness. I want to try and get off the line a little bit faster than I did last year."

As he finishes up 7-on-7, and starts getting ready to suit up for his high school team, Miller is not letting the ratings or the attention get to him.

"Ranked #24, I feel kind of good. I think it should be a little bit higher, but I can just prove myself this season."

While his speed and quickness around the edge is what really stands out, Von Miller's tackling ability, focus, and preparation are all things that should not go unnoticed.

"Studying the opponents is very important to me. I like to study the offensive line and see if they're moving. I study particular formations, and what play they are going to run out of that formation. I study how fast the offensive line is, what their weaknesses are, and their strengths. I also look at the receivers and quarterbacks because I like to study the whole team. I probably spend about 4 hours a week just watching film."

Miller has not narrowed down his list of favorites yet, but he knows that a couple of schools are slightly ahead of the others.

"Texas A&M and Florida are two in my top five. If I had a top five, those two schools would be in my top five. I don't really have a top five right now."

So is a commitment coming soon for Miller?

"I don't really know when I am going to make a decision. I am just going to make a decision when the time is right. You know, when I get that feeling about a university, then that's where I need to be."

Miller has visited Texas A&M, and will visit his brother at Oklahoma State this weekend. Miller's brother is Kevin White, who will be a sophomore running back for the Cowboys. Miller hopes to visit the campuses at Florida and Miami before all is said and done as well. Miller talks about visting Baylor as well.

"I have visited Baylor a couple of times. I have an aunt that lives down the street from Baylor. So, I have seen the campus, and I have seen the stadium." Miller talks about his family, and whether location will be a factor in his decision.

"Location is kind of important because I want to stay close to my family. I want my family to be close so they can see me play. My mom has never missed a football game ever. Ever since I have been playing football she hasn't missed a game. I just want to play Division-I football. You know, a lot of people don't get that chance. I'm blessed to get scholarships and to be able to play football."

Miller talks about what kind of interest he has in Baylor University.

"I would probably say I have medium interest in Baylor. I really haven't been able to visit the classrooms, facilities, and things like that. I really can't judge a university if I really don't know that much about them. I plan on going to Baylor on an unofficial visit."

Von Miller is certainly one to keep an eye on and will keep you updated on his recruitment.

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