Zac Scotten Commits To Baylor kept you informed of his visits and just when exactly he would take his Baylor visit. Yesterday, Zac Scotten let the coaches know that he would be a Baylor Bear. Come inside to read more.

**Zac Scotten is a 6'6" defensive lineman out of Cypress Creek High School (Texas). He took an unofficial visit to Baylor, and recently gave his commitment to play football for Guy Morriss and the Baylor Bears. Quotes from Scotten after his visit are coming soon. The following is a portion of an earlier story. For the first 2 years of high school, he played quarterback. Maybe that's where he learned the footwork and agility that was too much for Baylor coaches to pass up. He is a cerebral player, that knows the in's and out's of the game, and so finely tuned is his knowledge of the game that he can notice small details about his opposition before he must react. Meet Zac Scotten.

With offers from SMU, UTEP, Houston, and Baylor, Scotten has two favorites.

"SMU and Baylor are ahead right now. I was looking at those schools academically even before football. Right now, all of my options are open though."

While he has made visits to all of the schools that have offered (except for UTEP in which he participated in a UTEP camp in Houston), his most recent visit to a college campus was rewarding.

"I went to Baylor's mini-camp last Friday. It all went really well. There was a mandatory offense drills. We worked a lot of pass blocking drills and things. I jumped to the front of the line to get noticed."

"Then we went to the defensive drills. We worked on footwork, pass rush, and one-on-one drills. I did really well there."

"Coach Morriss was there and the coaches would tell me 'Use your hands more', or 'Do a little juke move' and things like that."

Scotten impressed the coaching staff so much that he was rewarded with a football scholarship offer to play football at Baylor University.

"It felt really good. It was my 1st Big 12 offer. It was my first BCS offer. It hit me that this is actually happening. It was a weight taken off my chest."

Scotten explains that he likes the coaches, and even more so, the attitude that surrounds the entire coaching staff.

"Coach Morriss is a real good guy. Real laid back. You know, the coaches said to all the campers, 'We want you to smile when you walk in here, workout hard, and smile when you leave.'"

Guy Morriss and staff obviously liked what they saw out of Scotten's performance during mini-camp, but wanted to get the talented defensive lineman's own opinion on his strengths and weaknesses.

"My big advantage is that I am tall and long. I have a big body, and I move quickly. People always tell me that I have good feet. They tell me I have good hips, and that I can turn my hips real well."

"You know, growing up, I was always with the fast guys. Whether it was playing soccer, or baseball, football, or basketball, I wanted to compete with them and do what they did. Even now, I compare my forty times to the wide receivers."

Scotten talks about a part of his game that he needs to improve:

"Definitely strength and lifting. I play baseball (pitcher), so during baseball season, we really don't do a whole lot of lifting. But at all these camps, they preach that speed kills. Although it is not set in stone, I figure I will redshirt my freshman year and put on weight and have that year to get bigger and stronger."

While making the switch from quarterback to defensive tackle is not too common, Scotten has been successful.

"It took me a while to get used to it. You don't read as much at defensive tackle. You are reacting. You hit, and you find the football. I had to kind of re-train myself. You know, defensive tackle is the only position on the field where you slam your head into another guy every single play. I love it."

"I have learned to react but still see things before I have to react. You read his [offensive lineman] feet. You can tell; Is he going to face block me? Is he going to jump set me? Is this a run or a pass by the way he is set up?"

Scotten only strolled through Baylor's campus for a short time during his trip, but it won't be his last visit to Waco.

"I definitely plan on making a return visit. I want to see what Baylor is all about. You know, I had been getting letters, but mostly for academics. I never thought that I would get an offer to play football. I thought that after the mini-camp it would be kind of like 'We'll keep in touch.'"

While football, baseball, and school work keep him busy during most of the school year, Scotten still has some time to get away.

"I am about to go on a vacation to float down the Frio River. I go there every year just to kind of get away and relax. You don't have to worry about anything, and you get out of the city."

Scotten explains that if he is comfortable with a decision before the season starts, he will commit. Ideally, he would like to make up his mind before the season so he won't have to worry about it during the year. However, Scotten explains that he will not commit early just for the sake of doing it.

The future political science major wants to eventually get into the legal profession, but for now will concentrate solely on his trip away from it all.

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