Practice Report: Day 1 At the Case

The Baylor Bears hit the practice fields for the first time this Fall, and there was plenty to watch. Who lit it up? Who struggled? Come inside to get the report and pictures of the practice.

Baylor Bears Practice Report:

Day 1 At The Case

The first thing one noticed when arriving at Floyd Casey for the first day of practice was the temperature readout on the billboard at entry, it's 6pm and 103 degrees! Sic ‘em Bears! Fans didn't show up in droves but there there were at least 70 Baylor faithful on hand to see the Green & Gold strap it up for the first time this Fall.

Despite the heat the coaches worked the guys pretty hard. Coach Hays could be heard from roughly a mile away, and rightfully so, as his quarterbacks struggled to find their rhythm. For over two hours the Bears slugged it out. The practice was originally scheduled for shoulder pads and helmets but GuyMo showed a little mercy running day 1 with helmets only.

Here are some of the things we saw:

• Earnest Smith is smaller than he plays, but his elusiveness and body control earned him some catches that drew cheers from everyone including the defensive sidelines.

• Dominique Ziegler looked sluggish but hauled in some dramatic catches none the less.

• If you fear that David Gettis is here to run track and football is just his hobby, stop worrying. Nearly perfect routes and great hands seem to be his forte, not to mention blinding speed.

• The QBs looked rough in general and starting quarterback Bell seemed to be struggling to shake off the rust.

Antonio Jones looked good as he worked with the starting defense but only time will tell if he can really fill those shoes.

• Most impressive player of the day… wide receiver Garfield Hicks. Passes from his shoe strings to the atmosphere all seemed to get gathered in and tucked away with ease. With all the talk about Gettis and Smith, Hicks may be going unnoticed but that wont last for long.

• Other freshmen of note… Offensive Linemen Reid Prince and Dylan Hagens looked big and athletic. Hagens is a monster at 6'7" and 270lbs.

All in all, Bear football looks great. Obviously one cannot determine the outcome of a season based on the first day of practice, but the tone has been set. We'll keep you updated as camp progresses!

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