Day 2: Baylor Bears Practice Report

Guy Morriss led his team onto the practice fields once more on Saturday night. Two practices are now in the books, and there was a lot to be learned from tonight's practice.

As the Baylor Bears took the field for Fall Pratice #2, spirits were high and players seemed rejuvenated. Coach Hays seemed ready for his newly installed offense to start clicking.

During the first part of practice, the offense was much more crisp, especially Shawn Bell. Bell was able to get the ball down the field several times, mainly hitting his favorite target Dominique Ziegler. One play going against the 2nd string defense the pair connected on a 40 yard completion which Ziegler would have taken to the house if it were live action.

However, almost the entire second half of practice the offense went against the defense, and the defense dominated both physically and mentally. Coach Bill Bradley was having a ball as he seemed to play mind control games with the quarterbacks, yelling what they were going to do right before they did it. Each time it seemed to make the pass a little less accurate or the receiver one step too slow.

Following Bradley's lead, the defense was scrambling all over the field, not letting the offense have much breathing room at all. CJ Wilson was his usual self, talking it up with whichever wideout was unlucky enough to be slotted against him. Antonio Jones looks like he could be a real beast of a linebacker when the season hits - he doesn't enjoy talking quite as much as CJ yet, but he appears to be learning from the master. The only question with Jones is whether his instincts will be there when the season rolls around. There's no doubt that once he figures out where the ball is going, he can fly there with force - he'll just need to be able to anticipate better what's going to happen.

For much more analysis on today's practice, including a look at the early projected depth chart and TONS of pics, join up and come on inside.

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