Baylor Bears Sunday Night Practice Report

Sunday marked the third day of practice for the Baylor Bears, and not even the rainy weather could keep the Bears from taking the practice field. While we will give you some of the night's highlights, become a premium member to find out who's hot, who's not, and everything else including pictures, analysis, and detailed practice reports.

After rain and lightning delayed practice by more than hour, the Baylor football team was chomping at the bit to hit the field. But the delay resulted in a slightly sluggish start, which was not what Coach Lee Hays wanted to see from his offense. Within minutes of one of the first drills, Hays had every one of his quarterbacks doing up-downs. But his anger didn't last too long, by the end of the practice Hays was running around giving high fives to his offensive squad as the starters and third-teamers moved the ball successfully down the field.

Meanwhile, the best action in 3 days of practice was seen from the offensive and defensive line tonight. The drill pitted players against each other in a one-on-one fashion. Things seemed pretty even until Jordan Hearvey stepped in against Jameon Hardeman. Hearvey, a red-shirt freshman offensive lineman, collided with Hardeman and sent him backwards - meanwhile sending everyone watching into an uproar. But it didn't stop there as Hardeman did not appreciate the good play, and started talking trash to Jordan. Within seconds the two were fighting - with players and coaches looking on. Within a few more seconds, Jordan had taken Hardeman to the ground, essentially pinning him like they were two school-kids wrestling. The coaches and players broke it off and practice continued once again.

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