Floyd Casey Gets a Makeover

You've heard about the changes going on at Floyd Casey Stadium, maybe you've even seen a picture or two. But now BearsIllustrated.com offers all Baylor fans a free look at what their members have seen throughout this week.

Throughout the week, in addition to providing in depth practice reports, BearsIllustrated.com has brought its members daily updates through pictures of the changes going on at the Bears home field.

Now we offer you a look at just a few of the pictures we have posted on our inside premium message board. If you're away from Waco or can't make it by practice or the stadium - we truly believe you can't find better coverage right now of what's going on at Baylor practices and what's happening with the team. Just give it a try with the 7 day free trial - if you're a Baylor fan, there's no reason not to. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Remember, if you sign up for an annual subscription, that includes a 1 year subscription to Sports Illustrated and a $15 gift card to whatifsports.com. We're the cheapest annual membership you can find - you might as well try it out. Hope to see you on the inside, but if not, enjoy the pictures and we'll see you out at the games - Sic Em Bears!

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