5 Questions BAYLOR vs. TEXAS

With 1st place on the line in the Big 12 South Division, the #6 ranked Texas Longhorns host the Baylor Bears. In a special feature, Ross Lucksinger from InsideTexas.com stops by to answer questions posed by some of the Baylor faithful.

1)What is the biggest strength of your defense: d-line, linebackers, or secondary?

Defensive line. Absolutely the defensive line. The Longhorns have put up 19 sacks on the year and are holding opponents to 1.9 yards per carry. The D-line is not only strong with the starting four, but also deep, using a great deal of rotation. This is one of the deepest units in program history.

2)What are Colt McCoy's biggest strengths? Weaknesses?

His biggest weakness is that he still tends to stare down his receivers and an opportunistic DB might be able to make a play on him. That will be difficult, however, because of his biggest strength, which is accuracy. He doesn't have the big-time arm you see in most NFL QBs, but he has shown exceptional accuracy, especially for a redshirt freshman.

3)How limited is Colt McCoy in what he can do in this offense right now?

The win over Oklahoma was on of the first times McCoy consistently looked up the field for the deep ball. As he's developed, the offense has opened up more and more. At the beginning of the year, the Texas offense was limited primarily to hitches and other short passes. He's still got a ways to go, but he's much, much further along than expected. At this point, his limitations are minimal.

4)If you had to, describe how (what strategy) Baylor would beat UT this weekend.

Defensively, the Bears must stop the run. If the Texas running game is allowed to get rolling, it won't matter how much skill there is in Baylor's defensive secondary. Forcing McCoy to throw early will open up more turnover opportunities. If Texas wins the turnover battle, or if it's even, Baylor will not win this game. They must be aggressive and force turnovers to stand a chance.

Offensively, Baylor needs to spread out the Texas secondary as much as possible to create favorable match-ups.

The Longhorn DBs are talented, but it's also where there's the least amount of depth on the team. Texas pulled true freshman Deon Beasley's redshirt and has already promoted him to the starting nickel-back spot. Baylor needs to create one-on-one's with Texas' fourth and fifth CBs, Ryan Palmer and Brandon Foster, and use their height advantage (Foster is 5-9, Palmer is 5-10) and attack the Horns deep.

Aggressive play on both sides of the ball will be absolutely key. Texas tends to steam-roll less talented opponents once they get into a rhythm. Baylor must prevent the Horns from ever finding their groove.

5)Do you think BU's defense causes a mismatch at all for the UT offense?

No. There are no positions where Baylor has Texas outclassed. The biggest issue is the power of the Texas offensive line. This is why stopping the run will be exceptionally important for Baylor. If Texas is able effectively move the ball on the ground and play conservatively, it will minimize turnover opportunities for the Bears. Since the start of last season, nobody in the country has generated more turnovers than the Baylor defense and if the Texas offense is able to play conservatively and grind the ball on the ground, it will severely minimize those opportunities.

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